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Do you have a house wine?

Sadly not. It would avoid disappointment but it would avoid discovery too, so…

I’m stuck in my ways with other beverages though. Don’t mind drinking the same coffee and beer, to an extent.

I only buy mixed cases. Grew up with my dad getting mixed cases and full cases from vineyards in France and Italy. He has now mostly resorted to the same Spanish house wine. Maybe it’s an age thing? Not a WS member though.

Currently these two:


And for something a little bit special midweek:



I know that I am fortunate, but I have deprived myself for some years; in order to build up stocks. Buying off the website or EP offers will become less regular affairs, given what I now have in reserves!! :grinning: :dragon:


Wot no Bolly?


Bolly is my treat bottle!!
For example tonight, if the Lions win a bottle of the Bolly Rose N.V. might bite the dust.
Otherwise maybe this one:

Just to see quite how good it is.

But, one of these might be in danger. :dragon:


Not exactly house wines but wines I have bought by the case(s) and drunk fairly often in recent years:

Society Sicilian Red

Brazin Zinfandel

Guigal CDR

Pazo de Villarei Albariño

Gabo do Xil Godello (until it disappeared from TWS!)

Greywacke SB

Rustenberg Chardonnay

Dragon Langue Bianco Luigi Baudana

I would happily drink any of these again but there are a lot of other wines to try. I do tend to buy cases, preferably 6’s, so trying them all will take quite a while. In fact I fear the task will never be completed despite my best efforts!


Was that you trying to book a slot for Asda home delivery? Makes @Leah and her accidental bollinger look positively restrained


I have “house wines”, though they do change over time (say a year or two), and they vary in number. I drink them when I want something I am sure will work with a particular dish, or when I simply couldn’t be bothered to chose something I’m less familiar with. They tend to be closed with screwcap or Diam cork, as I also hate faffing around wondering if wine is corked and getting replacements.They are also relatively cheap, but carefully selected to be good VFM, and wines I enjoy. Most wines at the same price just wouldn’t cut it.

Past house wines have been The Society’s Vin d’Alsace, and Paparuda PG and PN. I still like to keep the Paparudas in store, but currently have a few other wines I have bought in quantity that might become house wines: Aldi Assyrtiko and TWS’s Moldovan PN, and Ksara Le Prieuré has practically achieved that status already. Thymiopulous Jenune Vignes, nearly achieved house wine status, but I got diverted into trying other Naoussa wines. Orovela Saperavi (Waitrose) is almost a house wine, as it is my go-to big red, but I rarely drink much of that style. The Society’s Champagne is another reliable tried and trusted wine I like always to have available, but I drink it rarely, and is probably too expensive to count as a house wine.

I do also taste and drink quite widely, which is perhaps why I like to fall back on “safe” wines. Sadly though, the opportunities for tasting have been very limited over the past year or so.

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I see Guigal CDR gets a few mentions in this thread. It has never been something I’ve bought myself in any quantity, but I have always thought it is great VFM, and I can see how it would make a good choice for a house wine.

Also Lascar Carmenere gets a mention and that HAS been a house wine for me, many years ago, along with their Cab Sauv.

I thought The Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo would have been mentioned more often, as it often is in this sort of context (but maybe always by Peter :slight_smile: , as I know him from other wine forums). I have tried it once, and all I can say is that it did not float my boat. Anyway, from others’ comments it is probably worth a shot if you are after a low cost red.


I have a core of house wines plural and for all the reasons in the original post, minus 3- my wife tends to leave the choice to me. They are more cheap and cheerful than some of the stuff mentioned on here which would definitely be in my ‘weekend/treat’ category. But I also like variety so rarely is it the same wine two nights running. They need to be able to drink without faffing around decanting and ideally be able to last a couple of nights under vacuvin for those sad occasions when I take a night off (the Society Valpol Ripasso is excellent for that) Now I buy 90% of my wine from WS, they tend to be their stuff namely

  • Society Sicilian Reserve Red
  • Lary Tagot 2018
  • Argadens 2016
  • Cap l’Ousteau 2016
  • Society Valpol Ripasso

Not so much on whites though I like the Society Greek White and have just bought a dozen Chateau Thieuley 2019 on the supplier savings deal as it looked like a great price.

Shocked by the guy saying Langoa Barton is his house red. Surely it should be Leoville Barton…?


If I drank house wine on top of interesting wine I’d be an alcoholic. If I drank house wine instead of interesting wine I’d be mad. I don’t know how else to look at it. Sorry!


I look at it like this: I drink whatever I want. It should go with the food I’m eating, and fit in with the rest of my life. Interest is like beauty - in the eye of the beholder


My house white is Torres Vina Sol and rather than pay £7.50 I buy it on offer in bulk from Sainsbury’s (25% off buy 6 with further £1 off with offer price).
Veuve Cliquot champagne too, my go to house tipple.


Previously we favoured a Touraine Sauvignon as the white and a mix of Cabernet Franc Loire reds. You could get a decent in house white from Auchan for buttons. The reds came in a tad more but both in this neck of the French woods are, I suppose, pretty predictable. Anyway, that scheme of things has gone out of the window and we seem to have moved toward staple Rhône whites( Guigal a favourite) and as my wife drinks less and less of red, I wander around the cave and pick something I that I think is not too extravagant; that said , someone has to drink it! Two recent bargains have come from the made’by’ schools of Clinet and Rauzan. A 2015 Ronan by Clinet and a Bordeaux 2018 from Rauzan via Ventealapropriete. Both excellent for their modest price. This seems to be a trend here and in the UK?

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For me it’s a combination of a few reasons

  • Something I like that goes with most dishes, and also alone

I don’t have a huge amount of wine storage at home, so my house wines (I have a red and a white) need to be versatile enough that they can be drunk with a variety of things, or as an aperitif. For example, there are quite a few sauvignon blancs that I like with fish but find too flinty for something like chicken.

  • Reasonably priced

I can afford the occasional treat, but for everyday drinking it needs to be under eight quid.

So I tend to buy a case of my house wines every so often, and then top up the order with a couple of special wines for special occasions.

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Yes, but in the case of wine I have quite a few ‘houses’ and move between them quite often, depending on the season and each vintage. I would say that all of these have either now or in the past been a ‘house’ wine here.


My house white wine, selected from my favourites by a group of friends a couple of years ago, is Pazo de Villarei Albariño.


I’m with you on this, a house wine needs to be something definitely under £10, (and preferably <£8), that can be bought in reasonable bulk and go with a range of dishes.

In earlier years, TWS Rioja fulfilled this role for me, but this is about as close as we get to a house red at the moment:


Same producer as the TWS Barbera (possibly the same wine?) and while it’s more expensive normally, we always buy it during 25% off offers so it comes in £1 less.

Good, reliable, bright and fruit-driven, but really benefits from a bit of air when it opens up and develops a bit of depth. Goes well with pizza, pasta and grilled meat dishes.


I should also add that a number of these come up fairly regularly with attractive case discounts which usually takes a pound or so off the list prices. I often share a case with a friend in that case.

The wine we buy most frequently is the Society’s Fino Sherry. We drink it twice a week and we always make sure we have some in stock. Probably not what was meant but it is our only predictable and regular purchase.


We usually have two or three “house reds” on the go. It will normally be a wine I bought EP specifically for that purpose. Never anything grand but always from a very good vintage. I typically buy 12-24 bottles so we’ll drink it over several years.

As examples we are currently working through these from TWS:

They are both really good, reliable wines. The CDR (I bought 24 bottles and 6 magnums) is a great “pull and pour” bottle needing no fuss just a decent glass. Perfect spur of the moment drinking. And even better from magnum. The Crozes is even better - a huge step up on previous vintages I have bought from this grower. (I really disliked the 2013 - thankfully I hadn’t tried it before buying the ‘15!).