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Do you have a Co-op Near you?

I prefer Merlot and Cab Franc Bordeauxs than Cab Sauv. I cracked open a bottle and it’s very Cab Sauv but after some air it was a lovely drop for the price - not sure I’d pay 17 for it - I’ll keep the rest of 2016s for another 4/5 years.

So, tried the very small Co-op at Trent Bridge and the quite large one at West Bridgford this morning - both selling at full price. We could be on a Unicorn hunt or perhaps a very canny marketing plan by the Co-op? Good luck everyone!

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The coop in Farnham, Surrey also drew a blank.

:unicorn: :eyes:

Tetbury Coop was sold out of Senejac, so assume someone had been in to clear it before I got there!

Nothing In Sunderland - Hylton Castle.


When I got mine it was still marked at full price on the isle - but at the checkout 8.50.

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Lucky. I took two different vintages of Senejac to the tills and after a couple of disapproving noises from the checkout staff, they confirmed they were still full price before making a big point calling someone to come and put the bottles back.

Maybe Friday evening at peak wasn’t the best time but they only had to quickly scan two items not a big deal really.

I’ve searched a few branches but can’t find any on offer , do you mind saying which branch ? Thanks

Coops in Bristol - one Bishopston and one Kingstown - but I’ve snaffled the lot!

Well that’s bizarre @profavi - sounds like it’s not a promotion, more of an M&S style pricing cock-up. Will try again…

(I’m pretty sure that the Farnham Co-op will be in the Portsmouth Co-op area. If so, past experience suggests all such searches will turn out to be wild goose chases.)

senejac was on full price (didn’t try to see if reduced at the checkout)

but did get some other nice bits and bobs - Perin CdP Les SInards @ £14 Ch Roumier (Sauternes) @ £5 (half btl) Montes Alpha (Syrah) @ £5 and some other general quaffers

My bargain of the week was John Lewis - clearing xmas wines and spirits and picked up some Nytimber @ £10 / half :slight_smile:


Full price Senejac in Hove too. Couldn’t resist picking up a bottle of their Tenuta Trerose Vino Nobile di Montepulciano for £12. I’m not expecting anything earth-shattering but could be a bit of a steal. We’ll see!

was my view when I picked us this for £8

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Picked up Pol Roger Brut Reserve this evening for £21! Bargain :sunglasses:

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I managed to find 5 bottles of Beaumont at £8. Two were 2014 which will be interesting re storage!

Yes the Coop is well worth keeping an eye on and offers do vary from store to store.
I bought 2 bottles of Ch Fontestau 2012 at £7 which is ridiculous.
If you see Ch Jouanin 2014 ( Bdx Castillon) at less than a fiver, you wont be disappointed.
Have also taken a punt on 3 bottles of Cru Bourgeois Dasvin- Bel - Air Haut Medoc at just over £6. Could be a pleasant surprise in 5 years time

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The larger Co-ops have always had an interesting selection of wines. They’re not swamped by brands, 20 different types of Prosecco and 10 Chiantis. wink:

There’s a good 50cls manzanilla Mil Pesetas that has squatted in our fridge door for some time. Capitoul (I think that’s the name) a red from S. France is also worth a try. I bought 2 St Romains for £18 less 15% (4 + offer) recently.

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Just got the last bottle of their own brand vintage 2012 champagne for £14.52p exactly.
This was the Manchester Oxford rd shop. They had about 8 bottles of the Senejac but still full price.

Slim pickings near me but I did manage to snag two 20cl Lanson NV for £4.63 each. Also paid for with my members rewards so freeish.