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Do you have a Co-op Near you?

If so they have a bargain on at the moment
Ch Senejac Haut Medoc for £8.50.
That’s half price.
Not sure if it’s an error - I bought 6 bottles one was a 2011 the others 2016.
Perhaps they made a mistake and were only supposed to discount the 2011.


Their Famille Perrin Les Cardineaux was down from £10 to £6 recently, and in my opinion already really good value at £10, especially if you stick it away somewhere for a year

Super deal.

To save our shoes as we embark on another unicorn hunt, you can see what stores are supposed to have the wine here:

Also note, not all stores are doing the discount.


Probably not a mistake as they have reduced it in January on a few occasions before. The biggest mistake is that no two stores are priced the same and most people will have a wasted journey as a lot of the stores will be selling it full price.

Good luck to those that go and take a look and our successful. BTW the word is that some are selling Floridene Blanc reduced.

While we are talking bargains some Lidl’s are selling Seneval champagne for £3.99.

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its so hit and miss with co-op… but I will have a look tomorrow

I purchased some cave de lugny - Macon lugny last week @ £5 down from £9…the co-op across the road (and mean two coops on opposite sides of a small high street !!) had it at the original price

Ive had some bargains in the past but be careful on old stock…storage of wine doesnt seem to be a high priority and i’ve used a couple of reds for cooking

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Typo? £3.99?

Definitely not a typo. Good luck.

Thanks. Useful, as in nothing local selling this stuff. The one near us sells glue - for sniffing :crazy_face: No hoodies allowed. We live in a lovely area, honest!


We actually had a dedicated co-op wine shop near me, but it sadly shut a few years back.

It wasn’t managed very knowledgeably or well, and looked quite cheap inside too. Consequently it did very well on £5 and £6 bottles but anything decent I bought was 50/50 whether id have to return it as spoiled for a refund.

The choice in the remaining co-op’s is awful. No chance they’d have this.

God bless the Co-op. It doesn’t happen often but they do occasionally offer good wines at stupid prices. Looks like I’ll be driving around Hove tracking them down tomorrow then. Thanks for the heads up @profavi!

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I’ll cover Brighton! :+1::smile:

I got a 2016 Senejac recently for £15 rather than £17 - and was jubilant at that reduction, so god knows what state of mind £8.50 will induce!


Having checked the coop website for local stockists I dropped into my local store on the way home this evening…alas there was no evidence that the Senejac had ever been on the shelves and certainly none available at this price :cry::disappointed:

Blatchington Road here I come!

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Looks like Blatchington got the Clos Floridene as well - worth checking if it’s reduced…? :crossed_fingers:

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Couldn’t see any in Earls Court

Thanks mate!

This represents the entire stock from Ingleby Barwick coop.

Right, I’m covering Nottingham’s posher areas first thing tomorrow - will report back later! :wink:

Senejac full price but Balfour 1503 Foxwood brut down to £8.75.

They also do a Savennieres… sometimes… in Holmfirth (Gods own county). And It’s better than the one you get at T.W.S.

To be honest I wasnt that taken withe Senejac, but horses for courses - many thanks for the heads up!

in MK only seems to be Olney that stock it…ive sent a missive to those in the outback if they see any !

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