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Do winos show restraint?

I’m curious on people’s thought on this.

It seems plenty of folks here arrange their lives with a certain amount of self-imposed restraint. Be it @robert_mcintosh on a sort of 5:2 diet, or @catherine doing a flexitarian thing or all the various ways mentioned in the how much do you drink thread people keep their alcohol consumption down.

I wonder is this representative of the culture here? Or does the Community skew towards more controlled individuals? Or maybe it is quite the opposite owing to a focus on alcohol.

If there is more than the average amount of restraint here, is it something to do with wine? Or maybe it is more related to The Society itself?


I think the degree of care and thought that WS members have is kind of a restraint factor. I think members drink for joy and education and in a way, the effects of drinking are a by-product. It’s more important for us to understand and interpret what we drink than it is for a chemical high.

Similar to these guys…


Good question! I suspect we are all different in the way we manage our hobby. In general I would like to think I now drink less than I used to but of a higher quality. My weekend in a beer garden suggests that doesn’t always work out though!

Because I love wine I am much less inclined to knock it back for the sake of getting drunk. Once I have had a certain amount of alcohol I am far less able to appreciate what I am drinking and will then be very reluctant to open nice bottles as I’d see it as a waste


I think to a degree there is a level of restraint here. I won’t thank you for a glass of wine at a local bar as I don’t want to sit and drink something I wouldn’t ordinarily drink at home . I believe as wine enthusiasts, our palates are pretty developed compared to the general public and i’m sure there’s not many of us who would down a “pint” of white zin in a beer garden on a sunny day.
I know I am far more restrained on a night out than friends who start with the cheap prosecco, followed by gallons of wine lake , so I’ll only drink wine if its of a decent quality and stick to gin or a spiced morgans. As a result I feel much better in the morning and as @NickP says


Always nice to start work after a Bank Holiday weekend and be held as a paragon of restraint :wink:


I second what you say! Gone are the days of glugging wine without a thought. Not only because the effects of alcohol are much more pronounced as I’m growing older, but also because of the pure enjoyment of drinking more mindfully. Drinking to get drunk never interested me anyway, but I do find that although I drink less these days- I drink far better wines than I ever had as a younger person, and I pay more happily for that pleasure. Drinking more mindfully has made all the difference for my enjoyment of wine, and there’s no need, therefore, to ‘chase the dragon’… The coming of wisdom with time, as WB Yeats said… :slight_smile:


My skin and the bags under my eyes…:sob:

I’m upgrading mine to ‘Bagnums’ :wink:


For me it’s more to do with sleep quality. I can usually sleep for England (and the rest of UK, should it be required!)- and it has never proved a problem for me. I must have been a cat in some past life. I have been noticing, however, that on nights when I drink - my sleep is much less deep, and more disturbed (repeated thoughts, songs I can’t get out of my head, strange anxieties that have no basis pop up etc etc). It never used to be the case, but I can definitely see the connection with alcohol consumption and growing older… Oh, the joy of middle age! :crazy_face:

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I thought this term always referred to people who are 5-10 years older than one (generic pronoun).

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Oh, this one is definitely in Middle Age!! :laughing:

I thought for a brief time that my hangovers were getting worse with age but I’ve since decided that it’s not that at all. In the olden days, it was a perfectly manageable experience: all I had to do was sit around in my pants all day eating cold pizza.

Now, the same hangover involves having a pair of pre-schoolers jumping up and down on me - one on the sternum, one on the trachea - which multiplies the grottiness about a hundredfold.

Which is why I put myself in that situation a lot, lot less nowadays.


Ahhh, @Herbster! I feel for you. Then again, I would love my daughter to jump on my trachea… if only for old times’ sake. She is 5’10" mind you, so perhaps not the best of ideas! :thinking:


I feel your pain.

and as to the question in the title… NO


As the only wino (by name anyway) I claim that I didn’t have a hangover when my consumption of Fleurie and bits of other Crus plus choice Villages, was of Bachanalian proportions. The day after I would be extremely tired but without hangover…I did not drive on such days.
This behaviour was fired by a few producers who willingly sold their wine “sans etiquette”.
However, what was the question !?

PS…well in excess of middle aged

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I think it’s more of having a considered approach rather than restraint for example my considered approach is to have hummus and carrots for lunch rather than a ham sandwich however I don’t show restraint on how much hummus!


If there is such a thing as too much hummus, I have yet to encounter it :+1: :hole:


I drink regularly but am almost never drunk. I dont know if thats control or just the horror of getting through a busy day with a hangover/lack of sleep


I take the self -imposed restraint line with a pinch of salt, there have been people on here and the “how much do you drink thread” spouting ever more pious credentials as to how little they drink and the quality of wine has gone up in consequence, for a few maybe.
But judging by the same people quoting continually what they are buying, how many cases are going into reserves and how their basket is overflowing and they have only just had a delivery, someone else must be drinking the stuff !
Everyone to their own regards how much and what they drink, I know people who have the bank balance to drink expensive wines every day and enjoy them, others rarely drink but enjoy a decent bottle.
As for the disdain shown for any sort of alcohol effect, alcohol is one of the constituents of wine, it is one of the things that makes wine pleasurable without alcohol you would all be drinking Ribena, no there is no excuse to get bladdered every time you open a bottle or two but the alcohol content of wine is one of the reasons you drink it and enjoy it.


My typical consumption is a bottle or two per week, probably nearer 1. Abstinent weeks are, I have to admit, a rarity. To what extent feast days and holidays etc. boost the weekly average, I don’t know. Oh and those are 75cl bottles I hasten to add!

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