Do people invest?

Does anybody invest in wine? I’m thinking more ‘give a broker your money and let him do the work’ rather than buying ep with view to sell yourself at a later date.

If so, who do people recommend? I’ve seen a lot of banners from Cult Wines, but it’s difficult to know who is legit and who has the capital to spend on advertising.

I know it’s against the WS spirit, and feel free to discuss the morality of it, but given the financial climate, I think I’d rather give money to Berry bros. than NatWest.

I do invest… it is a rather frustrating waiting game. BBR and biwine worked out okay so far. I don’t let them make the investment decisions, that is part of the thrill for me. How secure it is, I don’t know, like with everything it is good to diversify. The main thing to keep in mind is that wine is not liquid (pun intended) and any reliable merchant should start the discussion with this fact.

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I invest in whisk(e)y, I seldom drink it so its a no brainer from an investment point of view. I look for limited edition distillery releases among other types and the return over a much smaller time frame than wine,can be extremely lucrative.
Its imho an area of growth for investment and I don’t have to worry too much about storage conditions.
I do have some wine that would be considered investment wines but its not where I would look to play the long game.

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That is very interesting, the first time I hear about it. I am of course aware of rare bottles of spirits being auctioned for silly money). Is there a marketplace for such bottles? The pseudo organised nature of the wine markets suits me as an accountant.

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There are some auction houses which cover this area. I’m talking old as such but just rare. The whiskey exchange also purchase from sellers and tbh good old ebay and catawiki are as good as some of the online auction houses.
So example… pay £450 for a limited distillery release which sells out in 20 mins, sell it on in 3 years (or less) for average £3-5K. Put the money back into Whisky.
I feel the risk is a lot lower than investing in wine if you’re careful with what you are buying.


Seems like a good move as rare whisky is becoming more than a niche market though caution should be shown as the growth rate has been high for a couple of years.
I purchased three bottles of the first limited release from the English Whisky Co that is just down the road from me, intending them as presents but I kept them and they are valuable in a small way, but hardly an invesment, you need more than three bottles in that bracket.

Like Leah I have a fair bit of wine in the investment bracket but apart from one or two cases any increases in price have barely covered the storage costs, in my case I am going to off load most of my in bond wine as it is not likely to see the light of day with me, I shall keep a few cases for drinking and it will be an interesting exercise in what I decide to sell and the few I keep.
Wine investment is little different from shares you have to be on top of it all the time, there are few opportunities to make real money unless you could have purchased the likes of Lafite in 2008 after the crash and seen it double, but you would firstly have to have the cash secondly be brave enough to purchase at that time and thirdly actually find some to buy.


Ah, so you’re one of the flippers!

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Whisky it is then

The trick is to purchase sets, 3 or more of the different limited bottles from the same distillery over the period of time they are released. You have to be on top of when they are released and where possible purchase directly from the distillery and not a third party.
But also, put the money back in to purchase more when you do decide to sell on.
There is also an increasing and growing market for specialist Japanese whiskies too.

No wonder I can never find any BTAC :smiley:

I’m much too romantic to be an investor tbh, I just love drinking whisky too much. I should probably find a drink I don’t like to invest in, but every time I try a good example I get hooked. Just started a Rum obsession…


A vintage Diplomatico has just opened my eyes to quality rums, too