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Do new members receive a pack and certificate?

Perhaps I’m being a bit impatient, especially given the time of year and how busy it is for the Royal Mail but are new members supposed to receive a welcome pack and a share certificate as per the FAQ?

I joined up on 29th November so as I said, maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit!

Typing that last sentence has made me realise that in the 11 days since joining I’ve already managed to spend £250+ on wine :scream:. Just have to hope the missus never joins and reads this!


It might be a little early yet but, yes, you should receive a welcome pack. It might be worth giving member services a call as they are always extremely helpful.

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It can take a few weeks in normal times so being this close to Christmas I would imagine will slow it down even further.
There have also been significant delays in transferring wines to members reserves, however both services are not really essential to getting wine out so wont be top priority right now.

When I became a member I got a tiny little book! Do these still exist?!



If your first order has gone through with the £20 refund of half the membership fee, you should be all right. (They made the mistake of trying to add £20 to mine, so I always advise caution…)

I got one of those too - in 2005!

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How cool! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Mine, from 2006


Coming up for my anniversary!


Nope I only got a plastic credit card thingy which is quite useless really. I think it would be a great idea to reissue those lovely little leather wallets as anniversary gifts to members. Weren’t TWS asking for suggestions for such like a few weeks back?


So they were in use from 1991 to at least 2006. I wonder when it stopped or changed.

To be fair @anagramwords, the little book is just as useful as your card!


I don’t think I even got a certificate. In fact I know I didn’t. My first purchase was actually a wine dinner. Remember those?

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When I got mine it came in a handsome box along with the rules, annual review and the latest list.

When Cheval Blanc was £96 a bottle.

And who are these fresh faced folk in the vcp book


Snap! I got the same in 2007

apologies it’s not the best photo.

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I got one in 2010

I didn’t in… I think 2012. So clearly a decision around 2010/11/12 to change them, which is a slight shame as they look really nice.