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Do Londoner’s eat mushy peas?

Thanks. I had a quick look myself and couldn’t find anything. Most search phrases I could come up with are swamped by the current inability to export shellfish to the EU.

This is not me saying it’s not the case, but given the number of false claims about these sorts of things, I’ve become (ha! always was) rather skeptical when someone says “The EU stopped us doing it!”. I’m equally skeptical about most things, as is the nature of my career.

To save two replies. That bar on the Cooke’s site sounds pretty much peak Dalston.

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On a related note though, G Kelly on Roman Road in Bethnal Green is still going strong. They’ve done a roaring trade through lockdown on Deliveroo apparently and a regularly too busy to take more orders.

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Harringtons still operating in Tooting I believe. The only time I’ve tried eel (in that way) was there. Smoked and Japanese style I love it but not for me cooked in that way. No amount of liquor and vinegar could improve it. Sad about F Cooke… Bethnal Green has some hold outs like you say - E Pellici always busy too. Shame when historic places go.

Regarding cockles, it definitely has nothing to do with the EU. In France you’ll never get them boiled once, let alone twice. Raw, as with most shellfish. I wish raw shellfish other than oysters was a thing here. Ah, to be back with a tower of fruits de mer in Le dome with a bottle of Chablis, all for myself. No better meal than fresh raw seafood.


E. Pellici is rammed to the point of being impossible to get in to most of the time when I was working out that way. A few of the pubs have adapted a bit so look exactly as they did but have a few more local beers in the modern east london brewery sense of the word (or the Carpenters Arms which was a Belgian Beer pub last time I went).

Never been to The Carpenters.

My favourite pub in that neck of the woods is The Camel. Great real ale pub, which isn’t a common thing in London. Only really trust there and The Harp. Even a lot of beer focused places can be pot luck for ale.

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My favourite real ale pub in London (the bree louise) got killed by HS2. Despite its hipster credentials the Euston Tap actually has some good hand-pulled stuff. I’m also a fan of the Hole In The Wall just by Waterloo, who’ve reliably got six casks on at any one time and only serve food that is fried and beige.


I would have included the Bree Louise with The Harp and The Camel but was aware it was one we’d lost, despite rarely visiting. Was a fan though, even if beer was served via gravity, which is sacrilegious for a Northerner. Was made up for by the location, quality of beer, pies and atmosphere.

I’ve gone off the Tap in recent years. Had some disappointing beers and it’s a victim of its own success.

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I worked across the road from the Tap until 2015. I’m not sure I’ve been back since so very much a historic data point. I know they pay poorly and a lot of the original/early staff now earn a lot more working at/managing/running the proliferation of craft beer places around town.

Newcastle caviar is a euphemism I assume. Bird droppings by any chance? Or am I barking (or chirping) up the wrong tree?

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…balls, Peter, balls :slight_smile:

Fish finger sandwich with the thread’s subject on the side. Mmm.
Fish fingers must be grilled with/fried in butter. Keeps them moist.

As I recall balls of fish were batter encased rather than breadcrumbs. I liked 'em well enough, had a flavour all their own, I’d buy them now.


Haven’t seen them for a long long time, some things are provincial, like Cod in the south for fish and chips and Haddock in the north, I like both but why is it like that and where did it start.

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Also known as geordie caviar. Davison’s trad pease pudding. Makes the very best of Kickshaws with just a trace of fried black pudding. Force 6 I fear.

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It appears I was wrong, I discussed it with someone who knows about the fish trade wholesale, and he said he remembered there was a problem with the sewage outlets on the Thames at the time polluting the river in the sixties and that as a precaution they boiled the cockles for longer against the producers wishes.
How long that lasted I have no idea, and where the directive came from I cannot validate, but the Thames then was not a nice place and was later cleaned up, although it appears to have gone backwards lately.
Of course he could be wrong as well but something was in the press about it at that time.

I think Manze’s is still going strong in Peckham, though my trips to the smoke are very limited these days.

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For Davison’s read Dickinsons.

And then some! It’s being worked on though (full disclosure this is my current employer so I am more of a flag waver for the project that some. The flip side to that is that the reason I am working there is because I believe it’s a good project).

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It did not go backwards, just the pressure increased.

Best of luck I’m sure your good project will become a fine project. I’m going to have a Denis Jamain Reauily on the basis of it.

Very, very occasionally someone (or something) reminds me about this pub. And I always feel a little sad, after enjoying too few nights (or random afternoons) there. A superb “favourite pub” choice.