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Do Londoner’s eat mushy peas?

A current supper time favourite of ours is posh fish fingers. Fresh Hake, cut into large, chunky fingers, dipped into seasoned flour, beaten egg then Panko breadcrumbs with a scattering of black sesame seeds. Gently shallow fry in veg oil. And here’s the dilemma. If you’re having a guest join you for supper who happens to be from central London should one serve this on a bed of crushed, minted marrow fat peas or, our preference, tinned chip shop style mushy peas?
What will they think? Is this about keeping up standards or just going for good old fashioned Northerner comfort food? We don’t want to upset anyone! :rofl:

Current wine of choice to wash this down is Contessa Abruzzo Pecorino. Eyes: Yellow Diamond
Nose: crisp, fresh, lemongrass. Mouth: gentle love bite.


There’s a (probably apocryphal) story of Peter Mandelson, somewhere in the north of England, visiting a fish and chip shop, presumably trying to demonstrate that he is a Man of the People.
He leans over the counter, points, and says
“…and I’ll have some of that guacamole too please…”

Does that help?


If one’s Londoner acquaintance turns up with a whippet I think it’s safe to reach for the tin. :wink:

Food and wine combo look awesome by the way! :+1:


Think it was Hartlepool, a town which Labour is probably set to lose in a by election in May.

One of my dogs is 50% whippet, mushy peas are fine by me (my dad was born in Scunthorpe though)


If you can juggle tripe while it’s cooking you should get away with it.

  • if it’s a weekend, Chardonnay would be better.

I like tripe. Yet to opt for mushy peas out of a tin or otherwise with fish and chips… Saying that, if someone presents me with mushy peas to accompany fish that nice, I would have all the confidence in the mushy peas.


Mushy peas are northern guacamole didnt you know


Lacking gravy and some scraps as it does, I’m afraid it’s only a 7/10 from me :smiley:

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It is apocryphal. According to the Prince of Darkness himself, it was a joke made by his then boss, Neil Kinnock.


But with just enough credibility about it to make it funny.:grinning:


Oops missed your guacamole comment above…

Eel liquor?

My local chippie does mushy peas. Unfortunately they don’t sell many so they’re a little more of a congealed lump than I’d like!

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Does anyone actually eat mushy peas?


Not sure about Londoners, but a true Yorkshireman/ lass would never eat mushy peas with anything except pie. As in, warm pork pie with peas & mint sauce. And a pint of Barnsley bitter.

That’s not gravy, but the melted jelly from the pie.

Wine with it? a challenge because of the mint sauce. Perhaps a cab franc?



Mushy peas… another interesting culinary experience for me, a la beans on toast. Eaten once, at Tony’s Plaice on Brighton seafront, first or second week in the UK, never to be repeated.

As for London guests… maybe ‘legume reduction’ will entice? :thinking:

PS- food looks fab! :+1:


My other half always has a tin or two of Marrowfat peas in the very back of the cupboard, for those fun evenings when I’m out and he can eat that (sometimes with a Fray Bentos ‘pie’). Needless to say, he hadn’t had such a chance over the past year… it’ll come.


I hope this is a rhetorical flourish, like ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’, or ‘Do Bears shit in the woods?’. :smiley:


Now warming pork pies… Hmmmm

Go with the mushy peas and call it purée de pois, they will appreciate them more with a sophisticated name :yum: - to go with your gougons de merlu obviously. And love the tasting note there Spence!


@spence - go for the chip shop mushy peas. I was born and brought up in London and if a chippy has mushy peas we always have some with our fish.

If your guest hasn’t previously encountered them, then you are introducing them to new delights.