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Do labels sell wine?



It had 5 more years age on it, and was from a better(?) smaller appellation but is was very closed, sullen… Will it come around with more age? If I had any I’d keep them in the hope they’ll pull through and open up…

The Saint Germain was lively, fruity and enjoyable .


Different labels give out different signals as to what sort of image the producer wishes and over merchandised bottles are often a sign of an inferior mass market product. Love the fact that the W/S deals with a lot of small specialist producers. The notes on the W/S website for the “1248” Apremont Château de Mérande state:

“Please note that there is no vintage shown on the bottle label. This is because Château de Mérande make so little of this wine that they order labels in bulk to bring cost down and then use them for several vintages. The wine is from the 2017 vintage.”

Not something you’d ever find in Tesco’s!

As to labels I sort of like the “arty” ones for their own sake, but can’t say that they are very important to me. As a fan of Pineau D’ Aunis based rosé this rather interestingly labeled wine is near the top of my wishlist:

As is this one from Austria

I also have a fondness for the traditional, over the top baroque German labels, probably because I’m a riesling addict.


this is one of my favourites…from a different supplier :wink:
Knoll Wine label


I’ve had the 2011 and 2013 and both were as you say closed. However to be fair they were both poor years for Bordeaux whereas the St Germain 2016 was a very good year. However I’m not sure that’s enough to explain it; I’ve had a good number of much better Bordeaux from those two ‘bad’ years.


Another informative back label.