Do I look under 18? Be honest!

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Do I look under 18? Be honest!

So Mrs M likes Green Ginger Wine. TWS don’t stock it; we ordered from Tesco but it was ‘out of stock’ when delivery of my Kadette Cape Blend and Mrs M’s beloved Villa Maria arrived.

So I ordered a bottle from Amazon which arrived lunchtime today. The driver wouldn’t give over the box without ID. He wouldn’t accept credit card or U3A membership card as proof of age, only an official thing with a DOB would do.

A driving licence sufficed (luckily we’d been forced to have a new photo card, as the old paper green one which doesn’t have a DOB field expired).

For the record we are both on the wrong side of 70.

(plenty of space below to say I don’t that old - I thang yooo!!)


Happened to my father in law who is of a similar vintage. We had the same from an (apologetic and embarrassed) Amazon driver over a wine book, not even booze itself!


Never mind. Once we’re out of the EU I’m sure all these petty rules will be removed.:grinning:


Maybe he thought you looked over 18, but not by a lot…?



It seems that drinking wine must have greater health benefits than many previously thought!


Same happened to us yesterday, @peterm! A friend had sent us a bottle of Tattinger, and the lady who delivered it would not hand over the box until my (55 year old) husband showed her his ID. Now, to me he will always look in the full flush of youth but still… :grinning:

When you buy alcohol as a gift on Amazon, it states that the recipient will have to show ID… So I guess the delivery men and women are just covering themselves.


Yes, indeed.

The delivery driver was embarrassed and apologetic but he said that was Amazon’s rule.
The chap was only doing his job, I don’t blame him - or indeed Amazon -because if an under 18* or a council agent provocateur ordered booze - Amazon could lose their alcohol licence.

But I have had wine from Amazon before where they didn’t ask for any ID.

*It’s not illegal for an under 18 yo to drink alcohol at home, but they can’t buy it.

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I think you are trying to bring Brexit into a thread which has nothing to do with it.

These are English licensing laws, there’s no EU wide laws on alcohol, shame as one thing we were promised when joining the then EEC was being able to buy French wine without UK taxes.

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Speechless :expressionless:

Apologies for the poor gag. The emoji was intended to convey irony.


I thought it was funny :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::joy:


The three ages of man:

Great I look older than I am!

Great I look younger than I am!

You’re kidding aren’t you?



Well Peter, from the photo I thought you were pushing 50! Obviously I need a trip to the opticians.


It’s because you are clearly a 12 year old. I’m surprised Council officers don’t drag you off the street for skiving school :rofl:

A cashier asked me for ID and I am afraid I reacted in a manner unbecoming of my usual acceptance of “they are just doing their job”.

Coop - “Do you have ID”
Me - “Yes”
Me - “Out of interest, do you often get under 18s who buy a £15 bottle of New Zealand wine, 6 first class stamps and pesto?” “This is a great deal of subterfuge to employ don’t you think”

In my defence I had just finished work and it had been a long day. Or maybe it was my fault for parking my car at the shop window


Nice little runners they are, good fuel economy. Ours used to do 400 yards to the haribo.


I am, but from the wrong side :slight_smile:


They probably thought the wine match was worthy only of someone under 18 :smiley:


Ouch lol :wink:. What have I learned since joining the community? - nothing divides quite like NZ wine :joy: :+1:


Or to Barnard Castle!!!