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Discussion on fish with bonus punathon

That would certainly work.
Thinking tinned fish & Italian, I also love the classic tuna fish and white bean salads.
Another Italian flavour matching touch of genius is broad beans, just about coming into season, with Parmigiano. I’d have never have thought of putting those 2 simple things together, & then we visited my brother in law in Italy about 15 years ago & just fell in love with it.
Closer to home, and I’m quite proud of putting this one together…Weetabix, a handful of walnuts, honey & milk. This is what synergy is all about!!!

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Agree, I have a broccoli, anchovy and chilli (+butter) pasta recipe that I love but Mrs Brocklehurstj is not as keen on, so I don’t serve too often. So simple yet so delicious.


I am always amazed at the quality compared to uk varieties. Ocado stock the french Parmentier brand which are very good and compare well with the price of Uk varieties.

And Waitrose often have good multi buy discounts on Parmentier, 2 tins for £2.50, which is when we stock up.
If you ever go into a Morrison’s, their own brand sardines in olive oil, no flavouring added like herbs or olives, are quite remarkable at 50p a tin. Way ahead of any other supermarkets. The fish has the same appearance and texture of Parmentier, it’s not slimy on the skin and firm and flaky of texture.

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I had just sold her tome on Italian cooking on Amazon. I really really wanted to like it and use it, but found her such a waffler, and everything has to be precisely this tomato and that skillet… Life seemed to ebb away from me reading her recipes.

I’m probably just impatient.


And she puts tomatoes in her Bolognase sauce.
I do like The Silver Spoon, it guides you without dictating too much.

Apparently, tinned sardines improve with keeping & one is supposed to turn them every year or so.

When next in Belle-isle-en-mer, this shop is where to stock up on all things fishy & tinned. Really it’s just an excuse for me to dream about going back to Belle-isle sometime - its wonderful. Leave your car on the mainland & hire a bike for the duration of your stay.


I can understand that. At the other end of spectrum, ie freewheeling, is this: The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual https://g.co/kgs/hJEx1g

Focus is US italian, plentiful ingredients etc. Is a great book to dip into. Their Sunday sauce is brilliant. Ironically a 4hr sauce compared to the speedy onion/butter/tom sauce of Hazan.

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Sounds nearly as good as broccoli, pasta, smoked salmon offcuts, mushrooms and creme fraiche seasoned with liberal black pepper. A Hawkes Bay syrah is perfect accompaniment.

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Belle-ileoise are Mrs Robertd’s favourite. They seem to have a number of shops around France, and we normally buy from one in Colmar. It’s all for her, though, as there’s something about tinned fish that I really can’t abide.

They also do an excellent range of tinned soups, which I do really like. We make a cheat’s fish stew - a can of Belle-Iloise soup, in which we cook a piece of cod fillet, and some frozen raw prawns. Very quick and easy :yum:


Until someone has the vision to market and distribute the fish that gets sent to Europe here in the UK, then we’ll have to continue to be inventive in making the best of a bad job with the fish we eat.
Does anyone know if it’s getting through any easier recently, or have they given up trying.
Frozen fish can be OK and some freezes very well such as calamari where my personal opinion is that you can’t really tell the difference from fresh when either deep fried coated in a mix of semolina & cornflour or smothered with garlic butter. We used to buy 3 X 1kg packs of tubes at Billingsgate for £6. It’s gone up a bit now but still a bargain.
Prawns can freeze reasonably well, they’re certainly good enough for a Thai or Goan curry.

Forever grateful for thetinnedfishmarket suggestion.

Splendid, great that you liked it. Hopefully they will be around for a while to supply us with little jewel like tins.

Any particular tin stand out for you so far?

I was always fond of Mejillones en Escabache, but really only had it in Spain. The two versions available from the tinned fish market are very good. Really liked the smoked sardines and the lobster bisque from the new to me things.

I’m with you on the Mejillones. Sardines are a favourite, usually spiced in tom sauce but I haven’t tried a tinned smoked sardine so shall add that to the next order. Thanks for that.

These lovely sounding treats got me quite excited today: Tins — The Tinned Fish Market

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Exactly the same, just hovering over the order button…

also including these

Slow-cooked sardines with aubergine, garlic and basil
Sardines with Muscadet wine

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Got some as a Christmas present last year - excellent quality.


What a brilliant gift idea!!

I have the padron pepper and xouba winging their wway to me. It seems inevitable that I will return for the stuffed octopus with salsa which sounds wonderful.

@szaki1974 another great spot, a tin of those in the next order. Thanks.