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Discovery - Viña Sanz Verdejo, Rueda 2016



I mentioned this wine briefly in the Weekend Drinking Thread, and am finally getting around to creating a thread for it. For me, one of the most exciting things about getting an order in from TWS is trying a new one and finding something that’s just delicious and punches well beyond its price tag. There’s no doubt in my mind that this Spanish white qualifies:

Part of the reason it’s taken me a while to post this is because I was struggling to write much of a tasting note for it. It was a bit of a bundle of contradictions. It was both zesty and rich, with the slightly oily texture that you get with Viognier. There was definitely some tropical fruit on the palate - peach and pineapple - with floral notes as well. It’s a real mouthful though - it’s round, full-bodied, rich and satisfying, bordering on unctuous. Quite a long finish. Overall though, it was just absolutely delicious. A joy to drink.

I can see this being a fantastic partner for tapas, prawns, white fish etc, but there’s definitely enough body here to handle spice. I’m going to stock up and keep a few bottles on hand for barbecue season. A definite re-order for me. In bulk.

Weekend Drinking thread [29th June 2018]

Thanks for sharing this discovery @Bargainbob! It will definitely go on my next order!
I ‘discovered’ Rueda Verdejo properly during a friend’s wedding in the Rueda region last summer. It was a perfect encapsulation of summer in a glass! So fresh, zingy and zippy, with a real bright and lovely acidity. It suited the setting perfectly, and I fell in love with it. I haven’t yet found ones quite as good as the one we drank in Spain, but the Viña Albali one from Majestic was quite fresh and light, though perhaps felt a bit ‘commercial’.

Nice to hear there are more sophisticated ones to purchase on the WS list! :grin:


Do you have a picture of the label?


I’ll get it for you when I get home. The wine is incorrectly named on the website - it should be Vina Sanzo


Actually I found your review on Cellartracker, so no worries. Thanks.


Good to see both merchants playing to their strengths … :wink:


Oooh! If you put it this way, I have to declare that “my words had been taken out of context” (or some such excuse!) :wink:


Ha! Only kidding, of course. I have good buddies who work or have worked at Majestic & associated companies. I’d say it to their faces too … :smiley:


Healthy competition is clearly a good thing! :wink:


I first “discovered” Rueda Verdejo in a tiny little wine shop in East London about 15 years ago. I was really young , had very little money and was just venturing into the world of wine where everything was a new discovery. It tasted great, I loved it but my measly " living on the breadline in London" salary did not. Once a month on payday I would go and buy a bottle and enjoy it over a couple of days . I have never been to Rueda but I think it would a great place to visit and try so many more of their great Verdejo.


Verdejo is an amazing variety and I think it’s the victim of the much greater popularity (and admittedly superior complexity) of Albariño. The world is only just coming round to Spanish whites, and there’s only room for so much discovery. If you then throw Godello into the mix (possibly the lesser known of the three varieties, but possibly the most incredible), then poor Verdejo doesn’t get much of a look-in.

Finally you throw in the massive (and justified) popularity and affordability of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, which has comparable grassy, zesty, lemony qualities, and Verdejo is ignored outside of Spain by all except a few geeks.

However, it’s probably

  1. The best value of these three great Galician varieties
  2. The most immediately accessible in terms of taste profile
  3. Has, in two wines, Ossian and Belondrade y Lurton Verdejo, true world-class labels representing the variety (the Ossian wines are over £30 in the UK and the ByL is about £28 - I urge you to try either of these if you want to see what the variety is ultimately capable of)

Few white varieties can claim these three types of advantage while at the same time being disproportionately ignored.

I am a big advocate of Verdejo - get some and try it. A great alternative to zesty varieties like Sauvignon Blanc, Grüner Veltliner or Verdicchio (unrelated).


Brilliantly put @ricard


All this and more! I finally got to tasting it. Too bad it is out of stock now, luckily have some more bottles lurking.


Glad you liked it! It’s always a bit of a relief to find that I haven’t influenced you to pick up several bottles that you’re just going to have to give away… I know I loved it, but sometimes a wine just catches you on the right day and is disappointing the next time you try it.
I think I’ve got 3 or 4 left. I’m definitely saving one or two for a bit of seafood on the barbecue. Yum.


I normally go after my own nose, but by now I have an idea whose palates are similar to mine. I would say the Weinert was a punt (and what a punt for that matter), this one however I considrr an informed decision. Thanks again for the recommendation. Also at this price…