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Discount code for "The wines of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova"


…as advertised in October Society News. Pretty good discount, which for me makes the difference between being vaguely interested in the book and wanting to buy it.

The code did not work this morning. I told Infinite Ideas on their website contact form, but have had no reply, and it is still broken.

Could someone give them a prod please?

(Or maybe the published discount code is incorrect…?)


Oh nooo I’ve already purchased it from Amazon :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I might finish up doing that too at some point :frowning:


Hi there - Jo Goodman, Newsletter Editor here. I checked the code before going to press with the News and afterwards to make sure it was working and just had another go now & all seems to be working for me. It is a bit of a clunky website I have to say though! Did you put that exclamation mark in? WSR35!

I will get in touch with the publishers just to double check that there aren’t any problems though. Thanks for raising and let’s hope it works now for you!



Thanks, Jo.

No, I didn’t put the “!”. Was that correct? In the newsletter it was in a differrent font and seemed to be punctuation


So the publisher confirms it is all working! Make sure that you have the correct url:

and the code as follows: WSR35!



Hurrah - order completed. It helped to have the “!”.

(Also had some problems with my MSIE browser hanging when completing the checkout form, but with another browser it was fine.)