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(Disco)Verdelho - Guerilla tasting series - 2nd online get together [27 June 2019]



Now that @laura announced the new online #twstaste wines here, it is perhaps time to organise another get together so the wines could be ordered together.

Open to suggestions re the theme, but let me just throw in two interesting wines to start the conversation, both Verdelho and both not from Portugal…

tyrrell’s old winery hunter valley verdelho 2018
vasco and the explorers verdelho , western cape 2018

Let’s start with availability and then we can iron out the details.

Guerilla tasting series [WIKI]
Anyone up for a bonus #TWSTaste of New Zealand oddities?
NEW #TWSTASTE: Join us LIVE from the AGM on 10th June!

Please vote if you are interested in attending…

  • I would like to join on 27 June
  • Not this time, but perhaps next time

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Sorry, @szaki1974! Will have to miss this again… we’ll actually be in Stevenage that evening for a ‘Eat Your Greens’ dinner.

Maybe third time lucky :wink:


Sorry I too am busy that night (going to a concert).


Looking back, it’s been over ten years since I last tried a Verdelho. Coincidentally it was the same wine from Tyrell’s ( 2007 vintage ). Although I don’t remember it, and I didn’t make detailed notes back then, I did give it a ‘star’ ( so happy to drink again ).

I’m in. And thanks once again for organising !


So eight people is already a crowd, so I think this should go ahead. I’ll pop my wines in the basket… Just as a reminder :slight_smile:


Also, whoever voted yes… can you PM me. Silly me set the poll to anonymous.


This deserves a little bump just before I go away for a week - should help people who are signing up to the AGM tasting to find this one too!


Thanks Laura.

You can still vote here and the link to the wines is here. Plenty of time to order them.


Wines arriving Monday morning for both tastings … third order this month and its only the 7th so far :astonished:


If anyone has some background info on the Vasco and the Explorers wine, can you please share with me. There is precious little to go on. (@Ewan @peterm)


@szaki1974 seems to be a export label used by Nederburg winery. They have really upped their game in the last 20 years. Nederburg make some fine wines along with ‘lifestyle’ wines, in fact a large number. In fact they have two wineries next to each other, one making red and the other white wines.


Got my wines today, so ready for Thursday. Research will be less thorough than the previous one.


Mine should be here tomorrow :crossed_fingers:


Mine have just arrived.


I have mine :wink:


I’m good to go on both counts although one was almost ‘lost’ to some fish and chips last week.


Have fun, folks! Sorry I can’t join you, but we did in fact have a bottle of the Tyrrell’s wine with supper yesterday, so I’ll be interested to hear what others’ views are.


Please head here for the live thread.

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