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Dieppe Recommendations



Me and the husband decided, sort of spontaneously, to escape to Dieppe for a couple nights mid February - seeing as Newhaven is so close and prices are so cheap.

He’s looking forward to Cidre de Normandie and I’m the oyster monster.
Any recommendations from this well-travelled community for places to enjoy both- will be greatly appreciated! :relaxed:


Well well, my parents have a house about 20 mins from Dieppe so I know the area well. Lots to do!

I like Dieppe castle, and the cathedral’s lovely.

There’s a wonderful house and garden not far away - Le Bois de Moutiers.

At the bottom of our village there’s a weird Bison farm that has outdoor activities and camping, but also a restaurant - https://www.revedebisons.com/ - that I think its great! Not fine dining, but an experience nonetheless. Better in the summer as you sip an aperitif overlooking the valley.

Assuming you have a car get to the Val Ygot V1 bomber site that was destroyed before active but preserved as such - very poignant.

Loads of great restaurants in Dieppe itself - make sure you try A La Marmite Dieppoise! And grab a hot chocolate at Café des Tribunaux.

One of the best restaurants in the area is Le Cheval Blanc at Longueville-sur-Scie. The owners are an absolute delight. Although I am not sure if they retired, so that recommendation might be out of date! Have fun :slight_smile:


Thanks, @tom! Brilliant suggestions! :smiley::+1:

Nope! we’re going as foot passengers - so will probably confine ourselves to Dieppe itself. Plus it’s only two nights, first of which will be Valentine’s (not sure the French ‘celebrate’ it?), so not long enough to explore outside of the town, unfortunately.

A friend had also recommended A La Marmite Dieppoise - so that’s two recommendations! sounds like we’ll be heading there - maybe for the second evening.

I haven’t been to Dieppe in 15 years- and from what I heard they really updated the quayside, so looking forward to strolling out in the evening for an aperitif. Mais oui! :heart_eyes: :clinking_glasses:

Thanks again!


There will be abundant displays of lingerie on the main shopping street!

I’ll ask my dad for his favourite fish restaurant - I know they have one, I just can’t remember the name. And yes, the quayside is lovely, but wrap up warm!


Well! one of us will definitely enjoy Valentine’s then! :wink:


Were you surprised how easily he agreed to go to Dieppe…


Yes, but at the time I put it down to the Cider… :wink:


Le Bistrot du Pollet.

Le Cheval Blanc has closed, not that you were going, but for anyone else reading this! A great shame.


Thanks, @tom! Added to the list! :+1::+1: