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Did you get any wine presents for Christmas?


Three bottles from my eldest son…

Pomerol 2011 ChanteAlouette…

Pouilly Fume Pascal Jolivet 2017…

Champagne Brut Rose Billecourt-Salmon



FIL received an interesting bottle; anyone ever tried this:

Oberbergener Bassgeige Spatburgunder Rotwein.


Yes the mixed case of eight reds mentioned in clearance thread. Enjoying one of them right now les Racines 2014, very good and also grabbed six of the 2016.

Not strictly wine present but does lead onto an opportunity to try wine - three nights in Berlin courtesy of my family.


“Did you get any wine presents for Christmas” ?

No nothing at all but I did get some nice socks…


No nothing at all…but to be fair we did agree on no presents as we have moved house this year


From hubby I got a new tier for my beloved bamboo wine rack. Also got this lovely bottle of Dr. Loosen Riesling Sekt:

My BiL put £40 in my WS account, which was very generous of him! :+1::grinning:


Yes! A new foil cutter - not entirely a necessity, but it’s a lot easier and safer, plus Oz Clarke’s The History of Wine in 100 Bottles. So far, it’s proving a fascinating read - lots of unusual and eclectic stories, many new to me - I’d recommend as a wine present.


I received

The Musar 1998 was delicious and so unlucky Musars I’ve had before, very mellow and complex


Got a bottle of this

From the BiL’s new girlfriend (think it’s from M&S)
And while not necessarily wine, got this from the BiL

Also snagged a new decanter, sieve and aerater for said decanter along with a Georg Jenson bottle thermometer and wine pourer.
Think I must be pretty easy to buy for :wink:


I love this book! It’s one I keep coming back to, for the anecdotes, humour and (of course) learning. I’ve just ordered his Red and White book - hoping it’ll be just as enjoyable a read! :grinning:


My brother treated me to a pair of Zalto Olly Smith glasses, which we christened this evening with the Wassmer Markgraferland Spatburgunder. The glasses are lovely, but I’m absolutely in love with the wine! Possibly the best thing ive drunk this Christmas :ok_hand:


The hotel we are staying in over Christmas in Gran Canaria gave every room a gift of a box containing sugared almonds, marzipan and two bottles, one a Tempranillo and the other that looks on first glance to be Cava but is actually sparkling cider.