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I thought I would post about the experience I am currently having with DHL in order to flag it for the powers that be and as a salutary lesson for others who, like me, rely mainly on deliveries.

I placed and order (not a particularly cheap one, not that that should make any difference) a couple of weeks’ ago, with a set delivery date of last Thursday, 11 October. All was fine until the delivery day, when the message “Delayed” showed up on DHL’s parcel tracker. It seemed to me to be impossible to speak to anyone at DHL, but TWS were very helpful as always and managed to do so and work out that DHL had the parcel at their depot, but had lost it (“didn’t make it onto the van”, they said). TWS kindly processed a replacement order, due for delivery today, 18 October.

Again, everything went fine until the same “Delayed” message appeared on the tracker today (i.e. delivery day). Again, TWS very helpfully got in touch with DHL and parcel appears to have been lost - same explanation, “didn’t make it onto the van”. It really makes you wonder what might be happening in the depot and where that wine is ending up…

TWS are still, very helpfully, trying to sort this out and have escalated with DHL, but delivery today at least looks unlikely. That has really got me a bit upset, because:

  1. Two of the wines in that order were for tonight’s TWSTaste event, for which I had people coming round especially. If the wines don’t come then that’s out of the window
  2. It wasn’t as if I left the TWSTaste ordering to the last minute, the wines were supposed to come a week ago
  3. My wife waited at home all day last Thursday and all day today (looking forward to the tasting, too)
  4. If this order is lost, and I get another replacement then that’s a total of 20 bottles of wine disappearing into the DHL machine, which doubtless other members would have liked to have drunk! And TWS would have liked to have been paid for!

Anyway, grumble over. And there may still be a happy ending - as I said, TWS staff are being very helpful. But I would be interested to know if TWS has other problems with this carrier; it seems a real risk to keep using them - I feel bad to say it, as I am a huge supporter of TWS, but one has to bear this kind of thing in mind in the future. It also made me wonder about the boxing - those TWS boxes are iconic and a delight to come home to, but they do rather advertise the contents…

And yes, I do know how much better the TWS van is, but that comes to my area on a Monday, when I often can’t arrange for someone to be in. It also wasn’t an option for my replaced order in any event.


I had similar experiences with my last order. Again TWS staff were great in sorting out. Fortunately the order arrived before I asked TWS for replacement. It came via a very confused driver from mid Wales, who said this should have been a “Midlands” delivery.
Obviously UK Mail thinks we are Wales!!
No problems when FedEx were the courier.


This sounds suspicious! I find it hard to believe it’s a coincidence - so I’m really hoping for you that whomever is responsible for the delivery side of TWS takes notice and investigates properly with DHL.

So sorry to hear this might affect your ability to join on #twstaste tonight… Hope this will have a happy ending! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Drop it
Hide it
Lose it
I remember someone else suggesting this is where their acronym is derived from. My courier has been FedEx so can’t comment. Hope the order arrives though.


Just had an Email telling me that FedEx are delivering my latest order.


A couple of years ago DHL lost several hundred thousand pounds of scientific equipment that a customer was expecting and we needed to deliver to complete a sale. This kit was large - no idea what had happened but it left a few people worried for quite a while!!


@JamesRWise, we’re mortified to hear about this, and can assure you that all delivery issues are always logged and assessed in regular analysis undertaken of all the carriers with whom we work (and although this is a terrible example, they do on the whole have incredibly high success rates). Can’t blame you for being upset and I’m really sad to hear about the inconvenience for you and your wife, as well as the unfortunate missing out on the tasting. Member Services are on the case, and we are keeping everything crossed that it will be resolved swiftly.


A case that should have been delivered on Tuesday, turned up on Wednesday.
DHL/UK Mail tracking did not work!!
Reported it the failure to DHL, they said that they would come back to me within 24 hrs.
This has not happened and I am still waiting.
This is not the 1st delivery failure by DHL.
They are an absolute shower!!
But, there are only so many delivery companies in the UK.
So it’s a rock and a hard…!!!
I do hope that TWS has measures to recover delivery charges from them.
There is nothing like financial penalties to concentrate the mind when the bottom line is in distress!!


FedEx delivery arrived exactly as expected.


I don’t think they do the final sort in someone’s garden or a pub car park. In bad weather, I’ve had soggy deliveries from Hermes who use this way of transferring to the assortment of ageing cars for doorstep delivery.


I miss the click and collect, worked great working full time and living in a flat in London :pensive:

Delivery services can be so unreliable. TWS Vans are great though :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too! It worked so well in the Brighton area where I’m at. Made all the forward planning unnecessary… Ah well!


I didn’t know they’d got rid of it…! Shows how much I’ve been paying attention. That’s a shame.


@danchaq @Inbar @Herbster keep an :eyes: out, we are working to get the Click & Collect option back. Hopefully you’ll be able to choose that as a delivery option sooner rather than later!


Ditto - FedEx arrived as advised today. When I sell wine I try to use FedEx, so far excellent, have had a few problems with Hermes.


DHL stands for ‘Drop it, Hide it, Lose it’ in the logistics world.

We had trouble with U.K. Mail a while back delivering TWS orders. The boxes were turning up beaten up and the vehicles they were coming in ranged from a farmer’s land rover to a minibus. We complained and TWS agreed to not let U.K. mail deliver our orders anymore. We’re back to fedex which is very good.


Click and Collect is back! :open_hands:
Just picked up a small order from my local offie and there was another TWS box waiting besides mine :grinning:
Was tempted to stick around to see which of my neighbours is also a member :ticket:


My white Offerus from EP was “dropped” before delivery and seems to be hidden or lost as member services still haven’t had what remains returned 3weeks later. There was no more to give out so I am bereft :tired_face:


There was a piece (I think on twitter) recently about the number of “missing” parcels in the system - without saying as much it did put “misappropriation” of heavily branded packaging as of growing concern…


There are dozens of videos on Youtube showing parcel theft often by delivery drivers themselves and people who follow the vans.