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DFJ Vinhos Grand'Arte Alicante Bouschet 2006



I bought this as a bin end in November last year and had it with dinner tonight. It’s no longer on TWS list, unfortunately.

I suppose, to explain the taste, the area I’d place it is the McManis Petite Sirah. Warm soft fruits with chocolate underpinnings. Gorgeous drinking, I went immediately to see if I could buy more…

And it was 13 years old but tasted younger. Kudos to the wine buyer. More please. :neutral_face:

Information, bottle photo and more at


I had this o we the weekend and completely agree ! It was wonderful !


… and it also already has its own topic…


I loved this wine. The very definition of value for money. I think we had about 4 bottles of it in the end. Bit of bottle variation but really enjoyed it. Bit like an old Rioja we thought. A nice treasure


Agree it is a lovely wine. We have one in the wine rack - maybe will have it this weekend after this discussion.


I think bottle variation is the word (two words I know) for this wine. While one of mine was okay (not my favourite wine, but okay) the other one was kind of furry, tastewise okay, but something weird texturally.


I have only had two bottles of this, both quite different, so I think you are correct.


It’s one of the wines I couldn’t resist buying a bottle of every time I saw it - really knocked my socks off! Really glad you enjoyed it - I’ll keep my eyes peeled for similar bargains and be sure to share them here if I find them. :wink:


I had and loved a bottle of this back in January and my first comment was “Wow this is a different sort of wine.” I shall have to try and spot it’s reappearance and pick up some more!