Desert Island Wines

Hi all! We’re thrilled to be hosting an Instagram LIVE with Eduardo Muga and Pierre next Monday 26th Sep at 6pm - eek! :grinning:

We’ll be sharing Eduardo’s top 3 wine choices here after the LIVE! Please let me know if you’d like to ask anything in particular to Eduardo for him to answer during the LIVE.

Hope you enjoy it, see you there :wave: :grinning: :wine_glass:


I’m puzzled why this is an Intagram Live event.
I am happy with Zoom and Teams but I am not an Instagram user so assume I can’t be involved, and I have no wish to register with Instagram especially just for one event.


OAK: I’d be interested to know Eduardo’s thoughts regarding types of oak (American white, Troncaise, Limousin, Slavonian etc) and barrel age (fresh ‘virgin’ cask, refill, old oak etc). Each will be more or less appropriate for different style of Rioja.

Because oak has a noticeable influence with Muga, balancing it must be a key skill.

nb: as an ex cabinetmaker I can confirm that various oaks (and other timbers) have unique aromas, one can identify them blindfold just by their smell.


Just an update in regards to our Desert Island Wines with Eduardo Muga, we have had to postpone it due to technical issues but I shall let you know here on this thread once we have a new date for the LIVE. In the meantime, feel free to drop your comments below here. Thanks @lapin_rouge I’ll pass you question to Eduardo! :blush:

Hi Everyone! We’re excited to announce that our next castaway on Desert Island Wines is chef, TV presenter and author Matt Tebbutt!!

We’re going to be sharing the 3 wines Matt would choose to have on his desert island. Please let me know if you’d like to ask anything in particular to Matt to see it answered during the LIVE.

Join him and @Ewan on Wednesday 23rd November at 6pm on Instagram LIVE

Hope you enjoy it, see you there! :open_hands: :blush: :wine_glass:


Can you ask him if he needs any stand ins on Saturday kitchen for Olly or Helen just to give me a shout ! I’d be only too happy to oblige :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!


@Leah We’ll pass this question to Matt! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Brilliant , I have good banter… he can be assured :joy:!
Also, a real question:
In the course of hosting Saturday Kitchen, has he ever been given a wine that he had to sit and wax lyrical about when really it was the most vile thing he’d ever put in his mouth?(Such as a faulty wine). If so…. What was the wine ?


Will he ever come back to The Foxhunter? TBH i know he wont but tell him we still miss him, Lisa and the team. :smile:

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That would be really interesting to know! He must have a really good poker face if he’s got an answer! :rofl:

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Did anyone watch this ? The comments were class !!
“Condrieu” “How much?” I could get 10 bottles of Prosecco for that “ :joy::joy::joy:


So… For those of us who are not on Instagram - what were Matt’s Desert Island wines…?

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A very enjoyable interview.

Whilst somewhat unfashionable, Matt mentioned his love for oaky chardonnays, hence his first choice of a Catena Alta Chard.

His second choice was a Condrieu which dated back to his time working as a chef at Chez Bruce where he was introduced to this wine by the Sommelier there.

His final choice was a food friendly Bandol Rosé


Thank you! :grinning::+1:

Good choices, it seems! Agree on the Bandol Rosé - enjoyed a couple previous vintages. Will look into the Condrieu and Chardonnay. Thanks again :grin:

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Hi all! We’re thrilled to be hosting an Instagram LIVE with Ronan Sayburn MS and Pierre next Monday 30th Jan at 6pm!!! :smiling_face:

We’ll be sharing Ronan’s top 3 wine choices here after the LIVE! Also please let me know if you’d like to ask anything in particular to Ronan for him to answer during the LIVE. We loved some of your questions during our last DIW LIVE so please keep sending them our way :wine_glass:

Hope you enjoy it, see you there! :open_hands:


Oooo this is exciting ! :star_struck:

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Ronan’s Desert Island Wine interview is available to watch on our Instagram page here: The Wine Society (@thewinesociety1874) • Instagram photos and videos

And for those who are keen to know, his three wines were

  1. 2016 Château Latour-Martillac Blanc, Pessac Leognan
    Château Latour-Martillac Blanc, Pessac-Léognan 2017 (
  2. 2016 Eyrie Vineyards, Estate Pinot Noir, Oregon
  3. A Madeira 10Yr Verdelho, Blandys
    Blandy’s Verdelho, 10 years old 50cl (

For those of us who do not bother with social media twitter / instagram / facebook etc…

Is this available on TWS youtube please?

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I recently read a thread from last year in which it was explained why Instagram live events can’t be posted elsewhere (assuming that info is still up to date now).

An additional piece of info for those who cannot view this for any reason - Pierre Mansour mentioned that the Eyrie Pinot Noir is OOS with TWS, but is due back later in the year. He said probably the 2019 vintage, but no more specific than that about date.

I know very little about Madeira, but was interested in the food pairing discussion, am quite tempted to give some a try.

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So if I’m able to watch this it means I do have an Instagram account. Not sure how that happened but well done me!