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Desert Island Wines

Hi all! We’re thrilled to be hosting an Instagram LIVE with Eduardo Muga and Pierre next Monday 26th Sep at 6pm - eek! :grinning:

We’ll be sharing Eduardo’s top 3 wine choices here after the LIVE! Please let me know if you’d like to ask anything in particular to Eduardo for him to answer during the LIVE.

Hope you enjoy it, see you there :wave: :grinning: :wine_glass:


I’m puzzled why this is an Intagram Live event.
I am happy with Zoom and Teams but I am not an Instagram user so assume I can’t be involved, and I have no wish to register with Instagram especially just for one event.


OAK: I’d be interested to know Eduardo’s thoughts regarding types of oak (American white, Troncaise, Limousin, Slavonian etc) and barrel age (fresh ‘virgin’ cask, refill, old oak etc). Each will be more or less appropriate for different style of Rioja.

Because oak has a noticeable influence with Muga, balancing it must be a key skill.

nb: as an ex cabinetmaker I can confirm that various oaks (and other timbers) have unique aromas, one can identify them blindfold just by their smell.


Just an update in regards to our Desert Island Wines with Eduardo Muga, we have had to postpone it due to technical issues but I shall let you know here on this thread once we have a new date for the LIVE. In the meantime, feel free to drop your comments below here. Thanks @lapin_rouge I’ll pass you question to Eduardo! :blush: