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Desert Island Wines: Jancis Robinson

This just arrived today.

Looking forward to finding an excuse to drink all 3 in one night.

Thanks for hosting, @PierreM, and thanks for sharing, Jancis Robinson.


Is the fact that they’ve turned up a good enough excuse?


3 btls over 2 people, one of which will likely drink no more than 3 glasses, is a bit of a stretch.

But that’s what wine stoppers are for, as I am sure one of you will remark.

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Especially when one of those bottles is a Madeira!

Rumour has it Madeira can keep open for at least a year though, I’ve not found this to be the case personally, but that has nothing to do with the wine!


Surely it has everything to do with the wine… there are some I could keep open indefinitely.

Very much so, but I’ve never managed to keep one open long enough without drinking it to find out.

Didn’t they used to put the barrels on sailboats and set off on the Atlantic for months and months, to give Madeira its distinctive taste?

I am sure you can keep it in the fridge for a long time, if the above is true! Not that I would do it. I’d drink it all much sooner.

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Originally yes! They thought it was the rocking that gave it its Madeira-ishness. It’s already oxidised, so it definitely will last for theoretically ever, once opened.

It’s something I have to be very careful with as I can be a little too partial.

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