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Describe your Dream Wine


We have all engaged, in one way or another, in chats, conservations and general blubber about a wine that was great but was still lacking something (perhaps the price/quality ratio was not exactly there, opened too early etc.), or a bottle which had an abundance of all the great things we cherish in a wine, albeit, it could have been the perfect one had it been drunk when at its peak.

So, my dear friends! Sum up your palate and drinking experiences and describe what your perfect wine should cost, taste, smell, feel and even look like (fiction writers always welcome, of course).


My perfect wine would be made from old bush-vine negroamaro partially dried on straw mats in the Puglian sun, and part barrel-aged. It would have sweetness and sourness in equal measure, juicy cherry and blueberry fruit, with firm but forgiving tannins. I could sniff it for an hour before diving in. It would be eight to ten years old.

Oh look, here it is. I need to wait another 3 years … :frowning:


Yum!!! This style of wine has been a hit for centuries. Very inviting.


A 1976 Mosel Riesling Auslese, Beerenauslese or Einwein. This superb vintage was my introduction to Mosel wines and I haven’t tasted a wine to compare since. Nectar of the gods! But I wouldn’t mind if someone gave me this to try.


@Ewan, you’ve piqued my curiosity, this sounds amazing. I’m also tempted to buy a case and put it in reserves for a couple of years… I’ve never tried the negroamaro grape, is it like anything else?


No, not really like anything else. Sweet velvety fruit. Stylistically similar to an Amarone (also made from partially dried fruit), but different in its flavour profile. It was the first Wine Society wine I ever knowingly drank (6-pack of the 1996 vintage for my 40th birthday in 2001 from a pal), and have enjoyed most vintages ever since.