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Deposits for bottles


Interesting headline for on-line wine retailers.

Empties back to the WS? Thoughts?


A logistical nightmare to return to the WS :champagne:


I know it’s early days so there are many details not available.

Are retailers, on-line or stores, charged the deposit value therefore pass it on to the customer who, in turn, can claim it back from the seller when the bottle is returned?

Or bottle banks that will credit the end-user when bottles are disposed of?


The way it works in Germany is that you can return the bottles to a vending machine style recycling facility and it gives you cash (or a receipt which you can spend in store). It’s really quick and convenient!


Thanks Rob.
I assume from your description that the retailer is not charged for the bottles therefore there is no imperative to return the bottles to the place of purchase.


I dump empty wine and other glass bottles along with plastic bottles and containers in a wheely bin, and every fortnight put it outside my house to be collected by council for recycling.

So, will all bottles be eligible for refund? Those bought before refund system starts - I can’t be only one with maturing old bottles? Bottles brought home from abroad?

And if system makes consumer resposible for returning bottles for refund, will councils stop their recycle collections?


This is what I used to do 10 years ago when living in the Netherlands ! Your deposit was rolling as such . An excellent idea and could never understand why more countries were not doing this !


Indeed! I spent part of my beer-sodden 20s living in Germany, and the deposit system was long-standing and easy to manage. It was a nice habit to take your crate of empties back and get a receipt to hand over at the till with your next purchase.


Whenever there was a street party (Karneval etc…), the convention when out and about was to leave your empties not in the bins but next to them, to make it easier for enterprising down-and-outs to scour the streets after festivities had finished, to make a few bucks from a trolley-load of deposits.


Yes !! This !! The empty bottled filled crate back to the supermarket was far lighter than carrying the 2​:joy: New full Crates home !! Could never ever understand why it wasn’t practice here :wink: