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Delivery by drone

This Cartoon on the WS web site made me wonder .If the Wine Society started delivering wine by drone, Glass bottles could no longer be used. The H&Safety Exec would have objected.

I always did think That a tardis would be the best delivery method. You could receive a delivery before you decided what to buy. Which would be a great time saver.

Drone delivery


Even better, you could get fully mature wines of any vintage you want


I think drone deliveries might be a little way off but we already have robots!


Just imagine, @MarkC , your most precious bottles arriving by DHL drone.:anguished:


I thought you were a robot.

If it stays at just imagining it that will be ok.


She looks like it ran over her toe!

While I wouldn’t mind my sub-standard Sainsbury’s substitutions coming by robot, I’d be a little worried about my wine getting hi-jacked by thirsty locals.

Even better, just think how much you could fit inside whilst telling your (insert here)* that it is only a small box.

  • insert whatever you think appropriate here as I don’t want to offend anyone :slightly_smiling_face:
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I think if called my partner insert here, she might be offended…


I must admit I was extremely dubious that these things wouldn’t be damaged/ vandalised etc but peculiarly they are left alone. We hardly comment on seeing one these days