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Delivery. Broken Agreement

I agree a first world problem…but nonetheless when it comes to your EP (insert important item) delivery it does matter

Sometimes stuff is left on my doorstep, but only when I’ve been in, and I pick it up before the driver completely abandoneds it. But it mostly it is as you describe @BENEDICTNASH.

Regardless, if it gets nicked from your doorstep, and you did not request it be left there, it is not your loss. IANAL and all that.


I see from your username you live in Clapham; me too.

I’ve had Wine Society deliveries from DHL before. They’ve left them on the doorstep and not told me about them, and they’ve been there for 2-3 hours before either a neighbour has taken them in, or I’ve picked up.

And while I’m not super-keen that they’ve just been left on the doorstep without so much as a by-your-leave, I’m 100% certain that if I’d called the WS and told them that my wine had been nicked, it would have been made right.

For sure, if you need the wine in hand on a particular date that’s not going to help; but saying that you’d be financially punished for the theft of your wine if it had been stolen… I honestly think you’re jumping to a conclusion there.


I’ve been cutting the Society a bit of slack because of the virus situation, but they do seem to have been getting it wrong a bit recently: includes
Booking a van delivery and then delivery arriving via dhl;
dhl delivering most of the consignment (on the wrong day) and then a further case the next day;
waiting for a wine to be in stock, then finding it substituted (by something more expensive but totally different - Argentine malbec instead of French pinot anyone?);
not having received the latest printed List (second time now!);
delivered price different from list price.
I hope they’re back to normal soon, or I too shall go elsewhere.


Thanks for your response.
This whole matter seems to be getting a little out of hand.
My original complaint was about a seeming mess-up.
It turned out that it was not a Society fault, rather it was a confusion created by DHL over a forgotten back order that had been twice delayed and thus was totally unexpected.
The issues that you raise need to be taken up with the senior management of our Society.
I am sorry that you have had such a difficult experience but with respect, it is not anything that I have, as yet, been made to undergo.
Good luck and best wishes.

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So this thread was started because of an old order that DHL had messed up? Was it all cleared up by a quick call to member services? If so, I’m glad you got it sorted but maybe next time get it confirmed before getting a little ‘ranty’. There is definitely a thread for getting ranty at DHL!!


Lapin Rouge,
Thank you!
Best wishes.

I placed an order for delivery by courier(un-named) for delivery on Friday 27th August between 8.30 - 17.30. I stayed in all day, but there was no delivery. On Saturday morning I rang TWS at 9.05 and was advised by Alison that my wine had not been dispatched from Stevenage, because there was one bottle unavailable. She had no explanation for why TWS had not called me to tell me this on Friday. As the earliest delivery then available was Tuesday 31st, I cancelled the order and bought my weekend wine elsewhere. My guests could not drink empty glasses or promises. I suppose I’ll get a pathetic apology in due course, but that is not likely to restore my trust in TWS. The system needs to be sorted out rather than creating a new website.

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Not the normal practice in my experience. Has the policy changed in the last few weeks, I wonder?

There does seem to have been a breakdown in communication among departments in Stevenage this summer. (One order delivered when I had arranged to collect it; one wine came in, after a delay in shipping, and no one let me know.)

Something seems not right at TWS. About a month ago I bought some bottles of Barolo as part of a case I put together to go to reserves.
Weeks later I got an email saying there was a problem at the warehouse and no Barolo went to reserves. It’s only wine but still disappointing.

My experience of late is not good too with missing wine in Reserves since the website upgrade , wine not delivered and no notification only to find they can’t find it in the warehouse ( replaced eventually with another) then see it pop up on the website two weeks later, wine not delivered again then told damaged in transit so replaced only to then be told delivered to the wrong address and eventually replaced (again). The staff are always v helpful but previously such things were practically like clockwork. I appreciate DHL are probably creaking ( take a look in the back of their vans when delivering ) but TWS need to eradicate these errors. I remain loyal so will allow time but will probably hold back on ordering for now.

I think we should ban this sentence… :laughing:

This is the wine society community, it is only (mostly) gonna be about wine! And that’s what matters, wine! :muscle:t3:


It’s good to get things into perspective sometimes, but you are quite right. Wine is the raison d’etre of TWS, and we are all here because we care about it. We also care about The Society most of us, and want/expect it to do a good job.

If we really think it’s “only” wine, we may as well just jack it in and buy the stuff from Tesco.

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I agree with you Oxford Man. The Society has grown enormously and and clearly faces organisational and managerial challenges. It is to be hoped that our CEO and his team can meet them. My recent chaotic DHL experience and subsequent very serious Member Services problems were dealt with promptly and thoroughly by a member of the senior leadership team. I was very pleased with the response. However, the risk of unreliable deliveries and possible subsequent problems with member services has made me reluctant to order from the Society for the time being whilst I regain confidence in how orders are managed. This is in contrast to the several companies who reliably supply food, including three who provide overnight deliveries of chilled meat, and several who deliver general goods to our door, whose service has remained very good in difficult circumstances. However, since I buy most of my everyday wines from the Society I don’t really want to miss out on the wines I enjoy. I remain very loyal to the Society and I do hope we are not seeing a culture change which will be detrimental to the ethos of the Society as I have known it for nearly twenty years. A member of staff told me last week that the Society is changing from being a cosy members’ club to being a big business and members can expect to see change. I do hope that that is not a mantra which is sending the wrong signals to the staff. It is one thing for the management team of a members’ society to adopt large scale and efficient business practices as it grows but another to distance itself from the long standing culture of the Society and the usual expectations of the membership whilst showing itself fallible on the basics of service delivery. I sincerely hope that is not happening but the cultural shift evident in the new website, which others have noted elsewhere, is a cause for concern. As is my own recent bad experience.


Herein lies the problem. Our contract is with TWS, not DHL or any other delivery company. It only takes one poor experience of missing/broken bottles/cases etc. to sour your opinion, made especially worse when it’s from reserves or EP etc.


This approach has been becoming more evident for a while now. There have been many complaints about wines being sold out before members know they are available. Delivery systems are creaking, and warehousing problems seem to be on the increase, if this forum is representative. The apparent lack of consultation with existing members about the new website, and its design and content, would tend to support the notion that the driver is growth rather than the satisfaction of those existing members. (Note we are members, not just customers).

My question is: who benefits? There are economies of scale but there is only a finite amount of each decent wine available, and the support and delivery infrastructure has to be robust enough to grow with the demand.

Still, I suppose the numbers will look good on a cv.

(I feel a strongly worded letter coming on…)


Obviously it will always be about wine. That said wine is not the only aspect of my life. In the not distant past I used to get upset about errors with delivery or allocation but life is much greater than wine.
As all members I do spend time educating myself, buying and drinking but as I said this is not the most important part of my life and hence why to me it’s just wine and there’s plenty of great wines in the TWS list and elsewhere. It brings me pleasure and I treat it as a hobby.


I think you are misreading my comment and are going way too philosophical here.

wine is not the only aspect of my life either, and it so happens that I do spend most of my life outside the TWS site or community.

But when I do come here, that’s because I want to talk wine/TWS


This has been obvious from the moment it began throwing open the membership gates where existing member proposals became unnecessary. The best way to regard the WS now is to think of it as a posh Laithwaites.