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Delivery. Broken Agreement

Today I placed a telephone order.
The very pleasant Wine Society representative took the order.
I was offered, and accepted, a Society van delivery on September 2nd.
This evening an email arrived saying that DHL would deliver to me on August 31st.
It so happens that I will not be in a position to accept deliveries on that day.
Because of the crime rate of the area in which I live, if DHL leaves the cases of wine on my doorstep, without doubt, they will be stolen.
Am I then to be financially punished for what will almost certainly be the theft of my wine?
If this is the case, then perhaps the lawyer who has just been appointed Chairman needs to review the relationship between the Society and its shareholders.
Sadly there is no safe place to leave my wine.
I am bewildered by the seeming inefficiency of the people who look after the telephone ordering system.
We are now on a Bank Holiday weekend, goodness knows if the telephones are going to be open in the morning.
Whether the Society is open or not, who really has time to have to deal with issues concerned with simple orders?
If the service provided by our Society is going to continue to give grief, then it means a return to Justerini, Berry Bros., Vine Trail, and the supermarkets for every day. drinking
All rather sad, and not a little pathetic.

Why don’t you call customer services in the morning? Maybe dHL have a tracker app so you could reorganise through that. I wonder if DHL would just leave the wine if you haven’t nominated a safe place and take it back to the depot, also a pain I know.
I hope you feel better about this in the morning!
I always order online and it much simpler, for me.


Thanks, Russ,
Of course, I will try customer services in the morning, hopefully, they will be available, despite it being a Bank Holiday weekend.
Ordering online would be far easier but I am reluctant to give out my c.c. number online.

Seems rather strong statement for what could be a very simple mistake or perhaps the society vans aren’t available after all due to holidays.

Really? This seems like a slight over reaction, why would a mistake on delivery slots require a change in the relationship with members?

Saturday isn’t a bank holiday why would member services be closed?


If you go to your order on the TWS website and click “Track” you will be referred to the DHL website where you can rearrange the day of delivery. Our DHL delivery man always attempts wine deliveries as early as possible, as to avoid storage in poor conditions especially over a weekend. I consider that a good service, and if I am not in, I just rearrange the delivery time.


Ewan just posted elsewhere that Member Services is open today, 9-5, so just give them a call. Alternatively, do as JosK very helpfully suggested and try to reschedule via the DHL site. Hope that you get things sorted out, to your satisfaction.


Whilst I’m not necessarily defending the tone of the post, it has to be said that DHL have a chequered track record when it comes to reliability. Regardless of what you ask them to do, and what actions you yourself take, they will not always fulfil that remit.

Whilst I appreciate the pressure the logistics sector is under, I also am not a fan of businesses over-promising and under-delivering (no pun intended!).


We spent a couple of minutes discussing how nice it is to have deliveries made by Society vans and that I always now delay delivery until this is possible.
I initially telephoned in to firstly check that my credit balance was indeed correct, there is a warning on the site that it may not be, also in order to discover if the new system of buying applied to telephone orders as well as online orders. On top of this there was an issue with the log-in box which needs to be resolved at some stage but in the meantime can be ignored.
It is entirely possible that the WS may have closed for the Bank Holiday weekend, many better businesses do.
The bit about the chairman was just an expression of utter frustration, the representative had given me a date for a Society van, then, last evening an email arrived from DHL. If it has been changed then at least the Society itself should have offered me an alternative date rather than assuming any old date would do and passing the order on to a carrier.

Thank you.

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Except… The DHL track system doesn’t function in a meaningful way. On the few occasions I have had to resort to it (for a missing delivery) I get the message ‘your item is out for delivery’ with an anticipated delivery date IN THE PAST. Because the item is in a Schrödinger’s cat limbo, one cannot rearrange a new delivery date.

There is no way to contact a human being at DHL to get any clarification. Sometimes the item turns up eventually, on another occasion a case of (very nice) Chablis vanished without trace.

As others have pointed out - your best bet is to phone member services, who I have found to be extraordinarily helpful. If all else fails, they will probably credit or replace the case.

Do please let us know how it pans out?

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I have a delivery arriving next Friday 3/9/21 on a shiny red WS van (my neighbours like them) and reading some of the comments in this thread got me to thinking.

If too many members begin to distrust other carriers reliability/punctuality etc, more and more members will wait and book WS vehicles. Surely this will result in longer delivery lead times for the shiny red vans, as they become overworked. Just a thought!

Hi @theclaphamomnibusman, I just wanted to confirm what your fellow members have said - our Member Services team is ready to help from 9-5 today and from 11-4 on Monday too. :slightly_smiling_face: Please do give us a call on 01438 741177.

I’m really sorry for the error and am sure we can get this fixed for you.


You are aware that you are far, far more vulnerable giving out your credit card details over the phone than over the internet? Over the internet no human ever gets to see your details, over the phone the person on the phone can simply note them down! (although there are phone credit card systems coming in now that can prevent that).


As I understand the law, the default position for delivery is that the merchant is responsible for getting the goods to you in your house. That must include giving them to someone else in the same property, but it does not include leaving them on your doorstep unattended or giving them to a neighbour.

But if you give explicit instructions for delivery, and those instructions are carried out, then you are responsible for any subsequent losses.

The message I take from this is always think carefully before you tell a company they can leave stuff with a neighbour, or to leave the box on the doorstep, or round the back of the house, or whatever. For most deliveries I am happy to take the hit in the unlikely event that something might disappear (for whatever reason) from a neighbour’s house, but for more expensive goods I would never give alternative delivery instructions.

Just by the way, I generally order by phone and there is already a non-human system in place. You don’t give the card details to the person taking your order any more, you key them in directly to … I don’t know, some sort of automated system. As I understand it the details are never visible to the telephonist.


In my case (north Birmingham) booking a ‘WS vehicle’ invariably results in delivery by Crowfoots, a carrier based in Leicestershire. So I think your suggestion as to lead times is unlikely.

Lets grade our delivery carriers :grin::laughing::

2 FedEx
3 Hermes
4 DHL (they would have been at 2 because they leave my parcel but the last time they delivered they entered my hallway unmasked and for that -boooooooooooo :disappointed:)
5 Parcelforce
6 Royal Mail (excellent if an item can fit through a letter box, not so hot for anything larger)

Best supermarket delivery:

1 Waitrose
2 Morrisons (until they removed bags)
3 Sainsburys (until they removed bags)
4 Tesco (until they removed bags)

If you look at Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers there are any number of comments about DHL especially. In Cornwall there are no TWS vans, in fact the world “ends” in Devon - very little of whole manner of things cross the tamar apart from holidaymakers :grinning: We have to suffer the delights of courier delivery for everything.

Isn’t this the default delivery now? Everything gets left on the doorstep.

This has happened to me as well. What’s the point in a name the day delivery service when the courier does this?

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We are talking about wine delivery here, not exactly essential.


This is not my experience. I open my front door. The delivery person puts the delivery on my front door mat inside my door. I am standing well back. If its something small he just hands it to me. The last tme anyone left anything on my doorstep was 32 years ago !