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Delivered to my home


I live in Keighley and the Society’s van arrives at my home at about 9am on every delivery. I dont think the driver has driven overnight from Stevenage. So how is this organized ? Does the driver deliver to the north of England over several days?


I suspect you will find that you live relatively close to an area distribution depot, @BENEDICTNASH. In a fairly recent discussion about returning TWS packaging, it was said that cases could be returned on vans that do go back directly to Stevenage, but not otherwise, as there may not be space on the trunking leg.

So it sounds like the trunking lorry leaves Stevenage, but you would need a Society person to tell you where your distribution depot is.


We’ve got a Bradford depot I think, which would probably be where your driver comes from. :slight_smile:


For info, we have 26 delivery vans driven by our own drivers based at Stevenage, Crawley, Reading, Bristol/Chippenham, Birmingham, Derby, Manchester/Warrington, Leeds/Bradford, Durham and Edinburgh/Bathgate. Outside Stevenage, wines are delivered to those depots on a daily basis and then taken on to their final destination either on the day of delivery or the next day.


Dear Ewan
Thanks thats very helpful. The man who always delivers to me is always friendly and helpful . On one occasion I was told by Stevenage that he was going to deliver at I.30pm . He actually turned up at 9.30 . My wife had gone out locked the front door. I had to yell to the driver that i needed to get my key which fortunately after a frantic race round the house I found.


Austin is a helpful chap - a Welshman who has adopted Yorkshire as his home.


I have my drivers mobile number, he’s on first term names with the dog :wink::+1:


Our dog is called Gypsy and she is 17 on Monday. We live close to open country. So she gets long walks across the fields every day.She still walks 90mins to 2hrs a day. Which probably keeps her going . I am aware that she is probably getting near the end of her life which is sad. We have had her 10 years . She is a happy but very individualistic dog. Which is good because this is a individualistic household.


Mines 12.5 years old, what type of dog is she??


Sadly I live too far off the network for tws van deliveries (north of Inverness) and this also means, equally sadly, that I don’t get to pick a delivery time, or even date.:confused: However I’m not complaining as, unlike many online sites, tws don’t charge for Highland deliveries. Long may they hold to this policy! :smiley:


Shes a terrier cross. Think she might have some Patterdale in her.Shes Sable brown. She is a rescue dog . We got her from the RSPCA . She was brought in pregnant . They let her have her puppies then they spayed her. Last November 5th I lost her on a walk in the morning She was out all night and on the Tuesday morning I put her on a local Facebook group page. She was found and returned to me in the afternoon. We were both excited to find each other.


Oh wow, so glad she made it back to you especially at her age . She sounds like a great companion :+1:.