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Deleting posts - seeking advice

Quick Q: does anyone know two things:

  • if there’s a way to delete one’s posts without having to click on the bin icon for each single one
  • whether there’s a way to overcome or get round the thing that, when you try to delete more than three, stops you and says you have to wait 44 seconds to delete another (which would make deleting your posts very time-consuming)

Any advice gratefully received.

If you want to delete ALL your posts, I don’t know how you do that. I think it is made difficult because it risks making other people’s comments meaningless.

But an alternative you might consider is anonymising your posts, so they still stand but are not easily traceable to you. I believe to do that you need to ask someone with admin privileges. Go to “hamburger menu” | Groups | Admin Team". Ask nicely, because I’m not 100% sure that is the way to proceed.

I went and deleted a couple more, and I now get a message saying this.


I’m rather baffled. There is a delete function, it’s there for you to use. But then when you use it… you’re told you have to wait 18 hours. Not 10 seconds. Not a minute. But 18 whole hours!

Well, I suppose I’ll go to bed.

Can you edit them? You might be able to delete all/most of the contents.

Good thinking. I tried your idea, but the gods are against me. Up popped this little red box - in a slightly shrill way!

So next I tried a non-empty post, with an “x”. This time Red Box came back at me like this (“Post must be at least 5 characters”):

So next I tried five "x"s. That should work, I thought. But no!

The computer fights back. This time I get this message:


Having been asked this question, I’d like to answer back: no it’s not, but that’s my choice, dear computer! However, the computer - always one step ahead - doesn’t allow that.

You just have to go back to your post… you have to write a sentence…

How many posts do you need to delete?

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You will have to ask the admin to do it for you. Topic starters will be problematic I think.

I was checking recently on the Discourse website - before @GuidoD raised the question. I cannot remember whether or not mass deletions are possible at all. Regardless the thing to do is contact an admin.

Using ctl-v on a desktop machine to put the same sentence into each post is almost as easy as typing “x”

Just edit and then write “post deleted”

I want to delete them all, and just deleted another four but then got stopped again. Despite doing it slowly. It’s frustrating. I’ll try DM’ing an admin in due course and if that doesn’t work try member services.