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Declassified/white label wines


Does anyone know if TWS are currently offering any declassified/ “white label” wines or plan on doing so in the near future?



For the uninformed, what is one of those?


A thing of mystery
Can be incredible value!
This goes some way to explaining the concept:



Ah i see, thanks. In that case the ‘secret’ Pauillac they have regularly is one of those. There was somw discussion here with the last release:


France is a country tied down by regulation. Accordingly a wine producer is only allowed to produce and market as the estate wine a maximum volume of wine per hectare. Thus, in a prolific vintage, there is “wine left over” which cannot be marketed as the estate wine. A way of getting over this is, for example, a Chablis producer may sell some wine as Bourgogne Blanc (which might otherwise have been labelled as Chablis A.O.C. or, even, as Premier Cru (I had the pleasure of some a few years ago which I was sure was in the latter quality bracket). Another way is to anonymise some of the production. For example, some years ago TWS bought from Sichels some half bottles of a wine under Sichel’s label as “Sauternes A.C.” which was excess production from a 1er Cru Classe estate but there could be no attribution.


I thought the regulations that allowed excess production to be sold as a lower appellation were “repealed” some time ago - but I might be wrong about that. Regardless, some producers might still sell wine at a lower appellation to maximise profits.


No, I think you are right Steve. What Claret1961 describes I understand used to be the case. But now I think if it turns out you have over-produced from an area, the whole batch has to conform to the nearest higher yielding appellation (which ine the case of a cru classé may be village, Bordeaux etc.)

To avoid duplication it may be worth a look at this recent thread -


My daughter’s Skoda Fabia - is actually a declassified Audi TT. And I like to think of my VW golf FSI GTS 2.0 (rather too many letters & numbers) as being a ‘second wine’ compared to a VW Scirocco - and at 14 y/o just coming into it’s prime…

Both are excellent value - admittedly lacking some oomph and class, but designed & made by the same firm, with similar number of wheels etc.


This is the sort of thing I was eluding to:



And now TWS have relisted this:

Thank you!
I have had the 2008 and it is excellent!!!
Hoping for more of the same!!!


Oh Lord there’s only 522 bottles and I really can’t be buying anything more until late next month. So what’s the betting both this and the bin#002 will be gone by then!?


Quite high :rofl:, just purchase them for a late August delivery.


I wish I could but up here I don’t have that option, remember? I suppose I could be sneaky and order for delivery to an alternative address and then at the last moment switch the address back to home!


Now, there you go …. learning the system, I would if I were you.:wink:


Send it to me, Mike! I’ll take great care of them for you… :smirk: