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Decent everyday sparkling wine

I am looking for a good everyday sparkling wine that is accessible - i.e. via supermarket or delivery. I used to drink the Cremant du Jura from Aldi, but they have now been discontinued. I know Lidl had a decent Cremant de Alsace, but have not see it recently.
Any recommendations for a decent white sparkling wine for the everyday in the £12 or sub range?



Probably my favourite cheap and cheerful fizz, perfect for sunny afternoons in the garden…


If you’re looking to order a case, then this one is a great, accessible and delicious fizz:

And this one - a little bit above your budget - never disappoints:

With regards to Supermarkets - M&S Cremant de Bourgogne at £10 is good value for money (showing as ‘out of stock’ on line, but my local shop had quite a few, so worth checking if you’re in an actual shop):

Waitrose used to stock a wonderful Cava - Juve y Camps (the 2016 was incredibly good), but doesn’t look like they sell it at the moment. Decantalo do though:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


TWS Prosecco is the house fizz for us. Great value and cases of 6.

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Thanks all for the recommendations. I would try several from the WS, it’s hard for me to order 6 without trying them out. Does anyone know when we will be able to order mixed cases again?

Our own mixed cases? Not in the foreseeable, if I remember correctly @laura’s response to the same question recently.

Hi @Pred02 I too am a big fan of the Cremant du Jura. The Aldi website has no stock, but I did get some in store a few weeks ago. Have you had confirmation from them that it is discontinued?

Sad times if it is. :anguished:

I like this one too, only issue with it is it looses its fizz quite quickly so drink it within a short time of receiving it.

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It never sticks around long enough :rofl:


I’ll bet :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately not yet, no - it is in our plans to get going as quickly as we can but not for a few weeks I’m afraid. As soon as I know it’s back up and running I’ll let you all know! :smiley:


*** live from Leah’s kitchen… ***

#kidsbedtime :joy:


As referenced below, the Hortas do Caseirinho White Frisante from Portugal is very nice, very drinkable and reasonably priced.


Thank you. It’s would be great to have that functionality back up! Also are some wines not available online? I looked at the Lebanese section and only a few wines are available compared to usual.

Surprised no one has mentioned this one yet. Great VFM


I think most of our regular listings are up - but you might notice quite a few gaps as we’ve sold out of many lines already unfortunately. We’re getting new deliveries - it’s just taking longer to process them in the warehouse so they’re not appearing online as fast.

We used to drink Cava Solium recommended by knowledgeable friends by the caseload.
Definitely knocks the spots off of prosecco and most cremants.
I could only find it in a little shop in Barcelona, but now online (from a Spanish website): Used to be 3 or four euros, now a heady €5.90.

Perhaps it is something the Winwe Society can look at?

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Have you tried either Henri Cachet Champagne (£12.50, SIlver medal) or Frexeinet Ice Rose Cava (£9) from ASDA? The latter is sold as an over-ice sparkler, but don’t chill it too much, forget the ice, and it has strawberry flavours, just off dry.

Another vote for the Society’s Cremant de Loire - excellent value.

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