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December [2018] VCP allocations


Hi @Laura any idea when the new Small Wonders plan is coming online?


For anyone on tenterhooks, the June allocations seem to be appearing in ‘My Wines’ for the World Classics vintage cellar plan.


My French Classics allocations have appeared in “My Wines” - another fine job from the Buyers. I’d be interested to see what you got, I cancelled my World Classics plan as I found I was underwhelmed too often with the allocations.


I got:


Not sure I would have picked either myself, but happy to get dragged out of my comfort zone every now and then.


Interesting choices, I was previously allocated some Yalumba Shiraz-Viognier but requested it be refunded, as big brands like Yalumba weren’t really what I was looking for from the plan. The World Classics plan seems to have gone quite southern hemisphere heavy lately. I would have been keen to see some more Old World (outside France) like Barolo and Rioja/Ribera in the allocations.

Super vintage on the Cabernet, that looks a lovely wine.



One of my (Last)Rising Stars allocations …somewhat underwhelming…


I like their wines, but much prefer the white, its fabulous.


I received the same two wines in my allocation as well. I had some mixed feelings about the allocation - both wines look nice in their own right, but with these two I’ve now had Cab Sav or Cab Sav blends in 3 out of 4 allocations. In a plan that is supposed to capture everything but France I would have thought a broader range of varietals could have been included?


Exactly why I cancelled.

It was just becoming quite generic Australian/South African/Chilean Cab Sav blends from big brands like Yalumba and Errazuriz (although the ageing ability of Cab Sav surely has a bearing on this). When I signed up to the plan, I had hoped for more from Italy, Spain, the USA, maybe some Musar etc.


I’d have thought these plans would provide some unique wines that aren’t on the main list or website.


That’s really what I look for in these plans, something unique and something that I will really look forward to opening in the years to come.


Haven’t tried their white. The red is a very pleasant wine but its a bit ironic to be termed Rising Stars since the Nectar has been listed on and off for the last twenty plus years…looks like an attempt to offload a 2016 EP left over where it was listed at half the price notwithstanding tax/duty etc. Perhaps there is value in EP after all!!
Like others, I would have hoped VCP’s would offer something different which are not listed etc.
Not sure I am going to continue with the Small Wonders VCP where wines might just be outtakes from the section of the same name in the Fine Wine List


Interesting. I’ve not done vcp before but took up the Small Wonders plan this year hoping for some interesting additions. I’ll do it for a year and see what I get.


I got these in my French Classics selection:

I’m happy with the St. Jo but am in two minds on the Hortevie.

Not a huge amount of information available on it (only the one tasting note found) and the generic info on the vineyard etc.

I do remember seeing in on a fairly recent offer (Christmas maybe?). Just wondered if anyone has come across this wine?

Cheers all


I’ve had a few bottles of Hortevie. Found it delicious, if unspectacular. A great, fruity claret perfect for Sunday lunch. In fact here’s my tasting note for the 2010:

A fruity claret. With just enough spice to remember it is a claret. Good for people who might be unsure if they like a claret.


I hate you all. I’ve just signed up for the claret vcp (the pleb one) with getting the bug for reading the above allocations :joy:


This is much appreciated Tom, thanks.


I got one of them in that offer (beginning of January) but that was the 2013; I’d expect your 2010 to be considerably better! I’ve not actually drunk mine yet; I’ll probably be drinking it this year or next.