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Decanting white wine


I have been given a bottle of 1994 Chave Hermitage Blanc. Should it be decanted?


Wow, nice present! My feeling is yes, you should, but I really don’t know and I’d wait for a few more expert opinions.


My approach with older wines that may be a little fragile is to open, pour out a small sample in the hour or so before you want to drink the bottle and see how it evolves in the glass. If it opens up, develops and improves over the course of 30 mins or so, then you’re safe to decant away. If it quickly fades then leave the rest of the bottle stoppered and pour glasses as you want them.


Having said that, I’d be surprised if this wine wasn’t improved by decanting!


I think you are spot on re care of an old wine but also serving temperature, the bottle will hold the temp perhaps better than a decanter… just a thought .
Enjoy sound delightful


thank you for the advice. We’ll drink it sometime over Christmas and I’ll update you on how it is.


Wow. I’m not used to drinking whites of this age, but these are my impressions. It’s a lovely light gold colour, with some tears. A lot lighter in feel than I expected, with definite fruit (apricotish) and honey on a flinty mineral core. We are not drinking it with food, just a few plainish biscuits. An experience.