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Decanters practicality vs looks



Hi everyone,
I recently broke my decanter - an unfortunate accident caused by the window ledge being too close to the sink (or more precisely by my clumsiness). Anyway it is a blessing and a curse because although my decanter is now broken it gives me an excuse to upgrade. I have now bought, against my better (more practical) judgement, a reidel ‘horn’ decanter. It made me think what does everyone else use and has anyone else succomed to looks over practically and how has that gone? My inner voice tells me that I am going to regret my decision every time I have to clean it… but at the same time it does look fantastic!


TWS decanter - I think it’s great (but TWS REALLY need to get a better photo with the stopper IN which completes the visual form) - goes nicely in the dishwasher. Gets an outing every couple of weeks - even average reds are improved - continuous use at Xmas.

Yes, one can buy cut-crystal & effete designer creations, but they are a labour of love to clean so unlikely to be used often ?


I’m awaiting delivery of my two etos sometimes in July hopefully


I use a Pyrex measuring jug. We share two bottles a week with meals . we drink 400 millilitres thats 200 millilitres each at 4 meals a week.


Not meaning to be rude but are you sure those amounts are right? Your figures work out at less than 1.5 teaspoons each per meal. My sums based on standard bottles is a better sounding 187.5mls each.


When will someone admit to having a decanter collection?

I own two decanters. One is an old fashioned cut crystal ships decanter which gets used for Port. The other is a fairly basic Riedel which gets used a lot more often (very easy to clean!).


You’d need a lot of space! I have two too, a ship’s decanter and a “teardrop” one. No objection to having more except I don’t have a good place to keep them.


Yes, me too. I think I bought it in Tesco, it was £2.50 or thereabouts. I drink 25cl each day, so that’s what I measure off each day and in three days the bottle is gone. If I think the wine really needs to breath, and it’s the day I opened the bottle, I do this a few hours in advance and place a saucer over the jug to keep flies etc. out.

(I know you meant to type cl not ml, easy error to make…)

It is entertaining to observe all the Products and Gadgets that emerge in late stage capitalism to soak up the excess spending money that is sloshing around. Coffee machines for instance - £25? £100? £3,000???


Raises hand


I’ve got 2 myself but they aren’t “proper” decanters


Exhibit 1: looks lovely but is impossible to pour from without a sudden gush towards the end. Not used as a result

Exhibit 2: far more functional and gets used almost all the time

Can’t show my favourite which is shaped exactly like a laboratory conical flask as it is in storage pending a house move.


Recently broke my ‘decanter’ - actually a water jug. So … bought another water jug. Wide bottomed for maximum surface area, pouring spout, handle. wine is liquid - as is water.
If I find wine maybe too delicate (old) I put it back into bottle.


Yes sorry! your right its 400 and 200 milliliters
Thanks for pointing it out,


My wine decanter was a wedding present nearly 40 years ago. It’s still in use together with a pair of nutcrackers in the shape of a pair of women’s thighs. They’re to crack your nuts, you understand.

The decanter now bears signs of regular use. The inside has a mahogany hue which deteriorates to a muddy brown at the bottom. Do members ever clean the inside of their decanters? If so, how and with what?


Well, with magic balls actually! You can get them from TWS as well as elsewhere and they do work fairly well.

Magic Balls Decanter Cleaners


Fairy liquid and a large bottle brush works too.


This is one I gave to my brother. I worried it was style over substance but it pours really well. It was designed by the late great Gerard Basset. I suppose it may be prone to getting knocked over but is easy to clean too.


If it’s just the two of us (or for older wines), the Riedel Merlot decanter is my go-to — big enough to get a bottle in and for a bit of swirling if needed, small enough not to get in the way or be awkward to clean.


If guests are round, or for proper vigorous aeration (or if it’s a magnum), I get out the recently-acquired Jancis Robinson x Richard Brendon Young Wine decanter — it’s not small but it looks great & the shape makes relatively easy to clean still. I absolutely love using it!


Oh yes, magic balls /and or cheap bendy scrubber off ebay:

Then dry on a stand :smirk:


don’t find magic balls are all that much cop to be honest - best to rinse asap you’ve finished with the decanter

TkMaxx often have decanter brushes at very good prices