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Decanter: Wine Society Autumn Best Buys

It’s out there now. What do you think? Have you tried any? Is there a mixed case?


I haven’t, but I will.

Not sure all are available yet, cant find the Samos, Solera Aged Muscat on the site.

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No, there are a few missing.

We tried this at the Greek dinner at Stevenage with Matthew. Was delicious. He told us I t will be released with the Christmas fine wine list… not long to wait :roll_eyes:

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Thanks, any idea on price?

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Hmmm, I don’t remember and didn’t make a note of it on my review of the wines at dinner.

I do remember we all thought it was very good value at the price quoted, maybe @Rafa or @thewinelake have a better idea…

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I might be wrong but I think around £25

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I know it’s not in the decanter list but for me without a doubt the best buy of the year is this:


If you got some consider yourself lucky, outstanding wine in any way you look at it.


Just bought some - £23/bottle. Won’t be for everyone, but I loved it and it’s a really good buy at that price. Now just to find some fig tart. Wonder if it would go with the new Aldi Rum Cake?

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When will you start drinking yours? Got some of that and some of the Paliokalidas (which I’m also excited by/nervous about timing on).

I had the regular Dalamara and found it excellent but obviously young.
I would say 3-5 years for both wines to start drinking well.
I would love to see the 2019 in the list again

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