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Decanter subscription

Has anyone got an Apple subscription for Decanter?

I have been sent a discounted option which looks tempting though the reviews on the App Store aren’t good.


I have Decanter premium - the app is terrible (almost non-functional most of the time) but the stuff available on the website (including magazine articles) is decent and you get access to all the tasting notes which is nice.

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Thanks David.

Do you read the magazine online through their website and if you have a premium subscription are you able to access back issues?


It’s a bit of awkward setup even on the website - you can’t download/view the magazines as a single entity, instead you can just load individual articles in web format. I think all of the content is there, but it’s not quite as nice as, say, having a PDF of the whole magazine.

But on the plus side you can access older articles back to Nov 2017.

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@NicolaR, you may find this thread interesting …
Paid subscriptions to wine websites

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Thanks Leah x

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I have premium. Not a big fan of the website, but I enjoy the app on iPad to read the magazine, including past issues.

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Thanks Valentin

I’ve just allowed my paper subscription to lapse. I was finding less and less in there of any interest. I think they’re trying to move more people on to the digital platform, at the higher price. There’s lots on there that would have been in the paper edition at one time.
And I find the website really annoying.


Did you need to notify them or just cancel your direct debit? Mine’s up in May or June and I’m probably going to call it a day.

I haven’t missed one since I started buying it in 2007, even when I was living abroad, but my reading’s fallen so far behind that I’m still only half way through last August’s issue, and that kind of tells me all I need to know.

It’s been good to me over the years but at the moment there’s precious little spare time in my life, and something’s got to give…


I think I’d paid up front so the question didn’t arise.

I have plenty of time but I’m not interested in spirits, the travel section is expanding and not very relevant, there are fewer panel tastings, and some articles are really obscure. At one time there would be extensive vintage reports in time for EP offers, but this rarely happens now.


I keep my subscription going for the paper version as I am something of a dinosaur and I like to turn pages whilst physically holding them.
I think the magazine needs a bit of changing in some areas. The weekday wine selection price bracket has drifted up in several instances to premium priced wines. I become frustrated at the number of wines in the huge tastings are marked “N/A in UK.” Their Burgundy coverage invariably focuses on tiny hugely expensive elite estates.
People like Hugh Johnson need to be pensioned off, but Andrew Jefford is excellent.
I buy it mainly because there is sometimes some useful stuff for my D3 module on wines of the world.


I guess these kinds of things are part of it for me too. If I wanted to read it badly enough, I could probably find the time, but it’s clearly moved down the priority list, perhaps subconsciously.

Ah well.

I let my subscription lapse after subscribing for 15 years. I find the magazine was becoming very repetitive on an annual basis (Burgundy, Rhône, Bordeaux, then followed by Spain and Italy) The wines recommended were either expensive or not available in the UK. I didn’t mind the spirits or travel sections as they were a bit of a light read but there was an increasing amount of advertorials and sponsored features.

Mostly I’ll probably miss the columnists all of whom I enjoyed but overall I think their focus is a bit muddled - I’m not sure who their target audience is and I’m not convinced they do either.


I’ve just given up my subscription for the reasons you outline. I used to buy it years ago, then got a gift subscription for 2 years. However there’s not enough good stuff in it for the money, for me anyway.


Are you familiar with the “Readly” app? They often do free trials and you subscribe through apple, so very easy to cancel.

They have loads of magazines available (including decanter) that are all covered in the one subscription.

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Yes (edited)

It might be worth checking if your local library gives you access. Mine certainly does at least to the last 4 issues (and in a rather clunky interface).

Local library gives digital access to the magazine.