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Decanter Retailer Awards


It looks like another successful night for The Wine Society claiming the big prize, Outstanding Retailer of the Year at the Decanter Retailer Awards.

I hope I’m not jumping the gun and I’m sure there will be posts about how these awards are only because of the support of all our members but I thought I would highlight the recognition of the community in the description of the Online retailer of the year prize.

So to @laura @Ewan @martin_brown @robert_mcintosh , the mentors and everyone who posts and contributes to the community, thank you and congratulations. :clap:



From their press release:

Outstanding Wine Retailer of the Year: The Wine Society

A fair few names were in contention for this ‘best of the best’ award, but ultimately it was the ‘sense of joy’ that won it for The Wine Society. Top buyers, great wines, good value, impeccable service, constant improvement and a real sense of community. It doesn’t get much better.


Fantastic result and very well deserved !! Congratulations to TWS :+1::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:


I was SO chuffed to see us do so well but OVER THE MOON to see our Community get a shout-out in the Online Retailer award!

It’s entirely you, the members, that make this place such a success so in my view this award is all yours! :heart:


Wonderful news - if unsurprising!!! The “sense of joy” described is something I feel every time I place an order, receive an offer email, not to mention every time I tune in to this community! Well deserved! :clap::clap::tada:


Oo, oo, oo since we all own a share, does that give me an excuse to open something special tonight to celebrate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wine_glass::clinking_glasses:

Ah and congratulations to the whole team… I suppose your great efforts are almost as important as our drinking efforts :wink: :smiley: That phrase “sense of joy” is, I think, an exceptional accolade!


It was only yesterday I was having a conversation with Mr. Leah about a very well known energy supplier, literally tearing my hair out as I’ve called them 6 times, engaged with their online chat facility and used their call back service to rectify a bill from a rental property while it was empty. I am beyond frustrated with them. I was moaning to him saying “Why cant these energy companies be like TWS!” TWS customer service is imho outstanding. I genuinely don’t know any one else who provided this level of service. So once again !! WELLDONE!!!


Perhaps something to do with the qualitative difference between the ethos of a Co-operative as opposed to a capitalist entity…? :thinking:


I must say I have found all my interactions with the staff to be extremely courteous (but not obsequious), helpful and they are always genuinely sorry when they can’t help, like when I asked to change an order but it had already been dispatched. The lovely lady (sorry I’ve a terrible memory for names) sounded so genuinely sorry and yet neither she nor the TWS could possibly be faulted for getting my order processed so quickly.


I judge all retail organisations that I deal with, against the WS experience.
TWS is peerless, you are as good as it gets; but you know, I think that all of us knew that without someone telling us.
TWS gets some things wrong, but it is the real world and nobody gets it right 100% of the time.
BUT, you come as close as possible; from your wonderful Customer Service Staff, the professional backroom organisation, your brilliant buyers who give us access to absolute gems, right through to “MY” WS delivery driver who is a total credit to you.
I am well known amongst those who know me as someone who does not hand out plaudits without the very best of evidence, TWS comfortably exceeds my expectations which makes me very happy!
Very well done, indeed!


Couldn’t put it any better than @Taffy-on-Tour. Congratulations to TWS on another well deserved award!


Well done TWS! I think it should be said that one of the main reasons for the Society’s success is that it is a co-operative!