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Decanter Magazines Needed

Does anyone have a collection of Decanter Magazines they might be prepared to lend or sell? I’m looking for full sets from 1975, 1980, 2010, 2015 & 2019. I need them for my Master of Wine research paper that’s looking into the evolution of wine tasting language. It’s a super interesting topic - I’d be incredibly grateful if anyone could help at all!


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I think I probably have a full set of 2019s…may need to confirm if it is a complete set, but you are more than welcome to them if you can collect from SW London. If that is a possibility, let me know and I can look out exactly what I have.

You may already be aware, but Farr vintners carry a pretty extensive tasting notes library - you have to search by wine, but it is pretty comprehensive:


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I think we’d all be very interested to read this when completed. Good luck and hope you can post it here once submitted and examined.


Not sure if I have a full set of 2010 but will more than likely have 2015 for sure.

I am at work at the moment. I can check later if you are interested?

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Hi there is an app called Readly, it’s the “Netflix of magazines” and has just added Decanter to their list of magazines, they have all back issues to Oct 2013. You can get a trial subscription or pay monthly and can cancel any time.


That’s a great tip, thank you! That’ll do for the recent ones, now just the early ones plus 2010 left to source.

If (when?!?) it passes it’ll be published by the institute - I’ll post it on here for those interested!


Thanks Alex, I think I’m sorted for the 2019s but I appreciate the offer!

Thanks for the offer - I think thanks to winestwit’s tip I should be ok for the 2015 but I appreciate the help!

@Marty123 apologies if I’m maybe stating the obvious, but have you contacted Decanter directly for the early years’ editions? They might be interested in your research paper as well.

Thanks Alchemist, fair question! I did try them and they surprisingly don’t have those old back issues. In fact they suggested I try this forum, which despite being a happy TWS customer for many years I didn’t know existed! If the worst comes to the worst they’re in the British library, but i’m up in Scotland and would prefer to avoid that trip at the moment if possible…


Hah! I was just about to suggest the British library! :wink: :smiley:

National Library of Scotland is also a copyright library.


Welcome @Marty123

Have you read The Accidental Connoisseur by Lawrence Osborne?
He discusses the evolution of tasters language.

Until the 1970s, wine writing mostly used metaphors of social breeding and sex to praise wine. . . . . .they were either ‘refined’, had ‘breeding’, ‘finesse’, and ‘distinction’,
or else coarse, ill mannered and unsubtle. They could also be masculine or feminine.

He gives examples of latter usage in Lichine’s 1956 Encyclopaedia.

Maynard Amerine’s landmark 1976 changed all that. The human metaphors were largely swept away in favour of a more ‘scientific’ vocabulary derived from the animal kingdom. Wines could now be described in terms of a vast array of foods, from cocoa beans…

He later mentions the impact of Robert Parker and Ann Noble’s Wine Aroma Wheel


firstly - good luck with the MW

I will have a look what mags I have probably 2010 and 2015 - are there articular aspects of the magazine as happy to scan and email

I have a complete set of 2010 if that helps. I live near Canary Wharf, or could scan them in and send them through (apart maybe from the awards edition!)

Thanks Peter, great tip - I hadn’t come across that book but I’ll check it out. I’m not looking at this specifically, but that resonates with what I’ve noticed anecdotally so far only with a different timeline - that breeding thing was very much alive and kicking in the 80s, and then the anthropomorphising follows around then too. The feature of the 90s is this trend of sexualising wines with terms like sexy, seductive, voluptous etc. Reading them with 2020 eyes it’s all rather icky! I’ve been surprised by how technical the notes were in the the early 80s - there were clearly some excellent tasters around.


@jamesF and Michael, thank you both so much , I really appreciate that offer! It’s the hard copies I’ll need for these though as they need to be scanned with special software that can read the text and convert it to a word doc. Plus also, I can tell you from doing so many that scanning all of these in is a significant task in itself, that I can’t in good conscience ask you to do! Once again thank you for offering, though.


Re software: for some of my books I used Abby Fotoreader to convert text from digital photos to MS-Word. Works well and fast.
I could find a page in a book in a library with info I needed, take a photo and when I got home quickly convert it to Word format (or Excel, PDF, RTF TXT or HTML)