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Decanter Magazine

Decanter Magazine, as a topic appears here from time to time.
This morning, I recalled that my local library subscribes to an online Magazine platform.
There are car mags, gossip, photography, Radio Times, etc ad bleedin’ nauseum.
But HARK, also Decanter Magazine.
The platform is RBdigitalglobal.com and if you subscribe to magazines, yours might be there.
So check with your local library service though your Local Authority website and you may save yourself ££££’s!! :grinning: :dragon:


And RBdigitalglobal.com also keep The Wine Spectator!! :dragon:

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Interesting, thanks. I also heard that you can get access to the complete OED online through membership of your local libray. I should sign up.

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And I have just found 5 audiobooks in a series that I like, but NOT Available on Audible, which I subscribe to!!
Already, 2 downloaded to my Smart (NOT ME) Phone.
This has been a VERY good day. :+1:
This IS my Council Tax at work!! Who’da thought it. :confused:
SCORE!! :grinning: :grinning: :clap: :dragon:

It seems that the libraries of different local authorities subscribe to different sets of magazines with rbdigital. Mine does not include Decanter. And I see that London stopped taking it last year, so they can get back issues only.

No shortage of other rubbish though - so probably part of a not-encouraging-alcohol-use policy.

Anyway, I’ve now registered with my libraries online, and just need to pick up my card, so I can at least read Viz at the council-tax-payer’s expense


Having access to Decanter (and many more magazines now) I saw that this months issue features South America.
And there was a terrific article on Susana Balbo.
This opened my eyes to the very difficult time this lady had getting a job in the industry.
She was so determined to make her mark (no spoilers here :+1:) and I will doff my cap to one very seriously talented woman. If you get the chance, please read it.
And well done to the Society buyer(s) who have supported her. :grinning:
I make no secret, that Malbec is not for me, but some years ago (2016) I spotted this Susana Balbo wine, blended in association with our own @Toby.Morrhall. I bought some for a friend as a Christmas gift, as she adores Merlot.

The feedback was great, she loved it. Sadly we have not seen a follow-up, which given the excellent Members reviews is a shame. Is there another blend in the offing, or was this a brilliant one off?? :dragon:


Agree that the article about her was very inspiring! Her wines were my first introduction to more serious Argentinean wines - both red and white (love her ‘Signature’ white blend, but don’t think the Society stocks it). I’m ashamed to admit that South American wines fell off my radar a bit - must get a mixed case of good ones at some point!

Speaking of which, the wine you mention is in stock (and a lovely one it is too!), though the 2016 vintage:

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Sadly the wine that I mention is Merlot heavy, the current Blend does not have a molecule of it!??! :cry:
I’m pleased that you read her story, it should be inspiring for every girl starting out to be involved in the industry! :+1: :grinning: :dragon:

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Ah yes, this one has no Merlot - which may well not go down well with your friend. The 2016 is a lovely wine, nonetheless - but definitely not the same blend.

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By chance I saw, that some libraries offer Digital membership, if for example you are a regular visitor to their Borough. So if you are visiting friends, relatives, going to a location for work or a holiday - then that would qualify you for “remote membership.”
Nothing to prove, no official documents required, just apply. :dragon: