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Decanter magazine digital copies

Dear Community
Does anyone subscribe to Decanter Magazine through an on-line App?
Not the on-line Premium, but the original magazine as a digital copy, and through Apple Apps?
If yes, and since the App has been updated 1 month ago, is anyone having difficulties in restoring past issues?
I have been back and forth with magazines direct who own the App, and I keep getting the same instructions which allows me to restore the previous 12 months copies, but not past years, which I tend to use for reference.
I’m hoping it’s not my technical ability which is delaying a resolve and that someone else is having a similar problem?
Any feedback would be gratefully received, or if someone else is in the same boat, please let me know, as I have been trying to get this resolved for over a month. Interestingly there is no direct contact number for Decanter?

Not sure if this will be of any use, but my local library offered access to Decanter (FOC) through their digital offering. But then they changed their digital provider and it was gone.
I did subscribe to the physical Decanter for many years, then through the library option. My interest in Decanter has declined with the way the magazine is offered to readers and with online sub sites being the more likely way forward.
I know that the cost of subscribing to Vinous, Parker, Jeb & J L-L is enough - in fact TBH, more than enough. And lot’s of the info that I pay for, is freely available soon after publication, if you know where to look. :dragon:

Hello I don’t subscribe, I think it is over-priced rubbish. A friend of mine does and has encountered the same thing and has lost his back catalogue like you and is currently pursuing Decanter for their restitution, without much luck!