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Decanter Fine Wine Event


Just wondering out loud if anyone is going to this…?

£80 for about 600 wines - Last year it was amazing. I’ve booked the Napa discovery class at the beginning of the Saturday - It’d be great to meet up with any community members there!


Hi @Nowt_in_my_glass not booked as yet but I am going to the Wine Gang event in London on Saturday as recommended to me by @Ewan. Not been to a Wine Gang event before but know that TWS has a stand. I am looking forward to it and wonder if any other TWS members are going?


The wg events I’ve been to have a fantastic value! Sadly i won’t be there for that one


I have wondered about attending the Decanter event. The sheer number of wines actually puts me off. Is there a programme or anything produced before the event so that it’s possible to see the line up, i.e. actual bottles as compared to just producers?


See you there! Do come and say hello! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @qualitybristol they issue a programme of wines before the event so you can plan a route - Last year I capped it at just over 100 wines + 2 master classes. This year i’ll probably attempt 130ish and 1 master class . I missed out an entire hall last year such as how many there were so i’ll focus on those ones I did miss (bubbly, port, sherry)


@Nowt_in_my_glass Many thanks for your reply - helpful info.


And he did!


Lovely to meet @Ewan today - top guy. I am currently trying to see how I can use this photo as my profile - so far no luck - probably not helped by having consumed too much wine this afternoon!


Lovely to see Society members (and staff!) meeting face to face! :grinning: it makes the whole experience of being part of this community a bit more real :wine_glass::+1: