Decanter FIne Wine Event Sat 3rd November

Just wandering if any fellow community members will be at the Decanter Fine Wine Event in London…

An eye-watering number of wines!

I’ve taken a scythe to the list and prioritised just 116 wines + a napa masterclass #firstworldproblems


Sadly not. I used to go but got so annoyed by both the overcrowding and the difficulty of getting to the wines as a result of folks just standing right next to the tables (not talking to the person pouring but simply talking to their friends) that I gave up. Even getting there earlier only resulted in a the first 30 mins or so being non-frustrating. I hope it’s improved, and would be interested in your experience. I will admit to having a rather low frustration threshold though…


@Oldandintheway I went last year and yes there were moments of frustration but no more than some other events - It was just too good an opportunity to miss to try many exceptional and diverse wines under one roof - Certainly a bargain when you think how much any one individual tasting is or spending say…a week in an enomatic sampling bar :joy:


Yep, we’ll be there (although South West Trains are trying to scupper our plans with industrial action…).

Not been before, but looks like we could have our fill just in the Bordeaux and Tuscany sections. Gotta try the Chinese and Israeli wines just to tick a box!

Any other tips? Other than Inglenook and Penfolds obviously.

Probably spit more than you think you should… There’s a fair few aged clarets and yes, the chinese stuff was excellent at the last tasting. They had a discovery session with the winemaker.