Decanter Bordeaux Fine Wine Encounter June ‘19

Looking ahead a little bit & thinking will head down to this event. Have some ‘10s & ‘15s bought EP from some of the listed producers so be a chance to see how those purchases are coming along, and try loads of others I don’t have!

Any of you fine folk considering or already signed up? Any interest in meeting up?

EDIT: The link I posted for some reason linked to the wrong event from a previous year :thinking: - so gone for a screenshot instead…

Thinking of going, but I’m baulking at the price a bit - it’s only £5 cheaper than the Fine Wine Encounter which had far more on offer. Are the 15s even going to be nice yet?

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I agree it seems a bit steep to me (especially when my travel distance is taken into account). In fairness though, with regard to your other comment, they do say “Each Château will be bringing vintages from 2009, 2010 and 2015 for you to taste and compare.” And I guess you might want to taste the '15 before deciding whether to buy for laying down.

I notice that they aren’t particularly keen to show off '11 - '14!

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To be fair I actually think 14 is a really lovely vintage, and to my personal taste may come out better in the end than 09 and 15. Also a year with much more reasonable pricing that helps.

Not sure I can justify the cost of any of the Masterclasses but the Grand Tasting can be lots of fun, intrigued by the chance to try the different vintages.

Has anyone attended a Masterclass? Are they worth the price?

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I think @Nowt_in_my_glass has been to a few Decanter events and also master classes. Maybe he can chime in his twopence to tell us what he thought ?

Yes, hadn’t thought of the price in that sense but a fair point.

The only previous Decanter event I’ve been to was their World Wine Awards tasting a couple of years ago. My only gripe there was there appeared to be too many tickets sold for the size of venue. Hoping this will be slightly less cramped.

They call it optimizing the bottom line…


I’m all for that (unless I’m standing 4 deep at a wine tasting table)! :wink::joy:

I have nightmares about this type of thing :open_mouth:


Hey everyone! Well my two cents… I’ve been to two of the international ones with wines from everywhere but not the italian/bordeaux ones. The events are really well organised and tremendous value. There were +600 wines for 80 quid, every one of them being at least half decent. It is essential for a route plan or every wine will taste a bit odd.

For bordeaux it will be interesting… Starting with entre de mers, then graves type whites, right bank reds, left bank in good order of intensity then stickies. I’m not that au fait with new styles in bordeaux but you’d get a sense from the programme issued in advance. I’d defo go to a masterclass or discovery theatre. The napa one with steven spurrier was incredibly good for 45 quid.

I would go but have a few different priorities this year for expenditure. My top tip would be a) be selective and b) have strategy for tannin tongue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After 80 wines mine was absolutely cooked. There’s a cafe next door which does a great brekkie too and sanctuary mid tasting :slight_smile: