Decanter advice please

I also use a Pyrex jug for double decanting…

@szaki1974 Funnel or no funnel?

I don’t filter it, but do use a funnel (plastic… IKEA)

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I am glad you like the Pataille Bourgogne Rouge… should go through my EP order again.

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Thanks! It was a bit of a punt because I went staight in for 6 on the basis of recommendations on here. It’s very good. Really pleased.

I’ve gone in for the Marsannay on the EP offer…fingers crossed!

Incredible value. Cheers :wine_glass:


Resurrecting this old thread to ask if anyone has a magnum decanter recommendation?

Looking for a 50th birthday present for a wine-loving ‘man who has everything’. I figure a magnum decanter is so indulgent even he can’t have bought himself one.

Other suggestions welcome! Budget up to £300 - a couple of other friends are keen to chip in - I’m not that generous.

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Riedel make.a magnum size version of their Vinum Cabernet decanter. The bottle size ones are great (I have two) so suspect the bigger version will be good too. I also have a Dartington magnum claret jug which looks pretty impressive when filled!

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Dartington Crystal WB425 Wine & Bar Carafe
I tend to use this over the others I have simply because it does the job and goes into the dishwasher
Paid £15 last year

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These are the two magnum decanters I have. Riedel Decanter Ultra Magnum
Riedel 'Cabernet' Magnum Decanter
Both are great but the wine society link one is much easier to clean!
Possibly get him that and a really nice magnum to go with it?

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If you’re OK with something a bit quirky on the table, you could try a lab flask (also search for conical flask). Designed for heavy traffic, so it takes the knocks and easily goes in the dishwasher. Good shape for cleaning & comes in various sizes up to 2L. Some have narrower necks, so better to get a wider one. Depending on how wide is too wide at the bottom, I think it satisfies your 4 required qualities, above.