Decanter advice please

Hi everyone!

I’ve broken my decanter. It was one like this:

The wide bottom turned out to be too demanding for my lack of hand eye co-ordination and I knocked it against the sink when washing up :neutral_face:

Can anybody recommend a new decanter that has at least most of these qualities please:

  1. An all rounder which will do for anything. Mostly claret.

2 . Not too pricey. £50ish

  1. Not too fragile. I’m a ham-fisted oaf.

  2. Not too wide bottomed!


I have bought glasses in the past from wineware, and was impressed with their efficiency. I see that they have a few offers at the moment, and a wide range of decanters at various price points, so hope you might find something suitable? Best wishes Chris

I have one of these as an ‘everyday’ decanter:

It does still have that wide base to help with aeration (though, despite their claims about it being the widest on the market, I am pretty sure I have come across several with a wider base!), but I have found it to be pretty robust, as I am pretty sure it has made contact with the side of the sink on more than one occasion, and at <£30 i’m not too precious about it!

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Brilliant thanks Chris. There’s loads to think about there. What a good website. Never seen that before so cheers! :wine_glass:

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Thanks Alex! I understand that the greater the contact with oxygen the greater the airing effect. But I wonder whether a slightly narrower one could achieve the same as a really wide one with an extra 10 minutes?

A pleasure, glad to be of help. I hope you manage to track down a suitable replacement!

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We have one of these and it’s excellent

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I’m happy with this one for everyday use, is thin enough to look/feel nice, sturdy enough to withstand knocks, and cheap enough not to worry too much about breaking.

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Some years ago I picked up one very much like this in a charity shop for £2.50. it does a great job. To be fair I usually double decant so the wine is coming out of the decanter on its return journey very quickly! image

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That’s great stuff thanks everyone!

One of my favourites is the Visual Decanter. Tough, looks good and the large punt make it easily held securely.

Pasabahce, I have some of their glassware and it’s a good balance of quality & value.
One of the rounder shapes might be safer if you’re really concerned about robustness. I have a couple of these. In toughness terms I’d say they are significantly stronger than a standard wine bottle, and just behind a champagne bottle if that helps!

My everyday favourite, as seen in this thread. Labware.

Lastly the Stolzle Fire Red wine decanter has echoes of your old vessel but more robust and at a nice price.

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Be very careful on this site - can be addictive, its one of the main companies for catering but they do a lot of good stuff as well as bulk hotel china etc:

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I have one of these, but find it a bit of a pain to clean, so often use a jug instead.


Yeah, they can be a bit tricky. Usually I just rinse it out after use with very hot water, and make sure that any residue is wiped of the lip and neck…and then I have one of these that it rests on to dry:

Every once in a while I might rinse it with some decanter balls if there is any visible residue.

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Can’t go wrong with a duckanter

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I have one of these :slight_smile:

I got mine off ebay… £5 for a cut glass decanter with top! It was bought locally and they dropped it off for £1 petrol money!

Thanks everyone. Great suggestions here!

On the subject of cleaning I have found that steradent tablets do a good job at those hard to reach bits!

Just need to give it a good rinse afterwards!

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I use a simple milk jug and save my decanter for when guests are round.


I must admit, in the absence of a working decanter, I double decanted using a plastic measuring jug which has worked a treat for this (which is delicious btw):

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