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Decantalo/Vinissimus pre- Christmas ordering

Good to know. I’ve not had it, but I’ve heard excellent things and I’m a big Priorat fan, so thought I’d push the boat out. A reviewer (I can’t remember which) apparently had it next to the L’Ermita (at more than 10 times the price) and reviewed it favourably, but hearing an actual human saying it’s good is a better review for me.

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3x Ximénez-Spínola Exceptional Harvest 2018
3x Louro 2019
1x Ximénez-Spínola PX Vintage 2018 (0.37 L)
1x Ladredo 2014

I probably need to downsize this a bit (a lot) if I’m going to click buy.


A Change of plan… One each of:

La Bruja de Rozas 2018 - A garnacha from Madrid’s “Comando G”. If you ignore the machismo bull***t name, they’re excellent wines, although as discussed with @inbar, they’re possibly becoming a little bit “cult” (at £13ish a bottle Black Friday saving it’s a good buy though!)
Nit de Nin Mas d’en Caçador 2016 - Treat Priorat, as discussed above!
Furvus 2017 - A new vintage of a favourite Montsant (not from one of the bits with soils similar to Priorat, interestingly)
Envínate Benje Tinto 2019 - Listan Mole/Negro/others blend from Tenerife, a hipster favourite but it’s delicious!
Louro 2019 - A lovely, well made Godello/Treixadura blend from Valdeorras
Dominio del Águila Reserva 2016 - One of my favourite Ribera Del Dueros. Far too big for my usual tastes, but every now and again it’s great.
Ximénez-Spínola Exceptional Harvest 2018 - a dry, flor’d PX
Ximénez-Spínola PX Vintage 2018 - a sweet PX
Ladredo 2014 - a Mencia from Ribera Sacra made by Dirk Nieeport (?!)
Adaras Calizo 2019 - at this point I started ordering week night drinkers I know less about but liked the sound of - this is a Garnacha Tintorera for under four quid.
Laya 2019 - As is this
Ultreia Saint Jacques 2018 - A Mencia from Bierzo (I’ve had earlier vintages but was reminded of this when I found it rather than it being planned)
Pago de Valdoneje Mencía 2019 - Also a Mencia from Bierzo
Luna Beberide Mencía 2019 - So’s this… I’m sensing a theme here…
Monopole 2019 - CVNE white Rioja currently less than a fiver
Rafael Cambra El Soplo 2018 - And we’re back to the cheap Garnacha…
El Castro de Valtuille Mencía Joven 2018 - But not for long…
Leirana Albariño 2019 - and finally an Albariño I know nothing about

Decided to go for more variation in my weeknight drinking and cut down on the treats (although there’s still a few!).

[Edited to annotate my choices rather than them just being a list of names!]


A good slice of copying some of your selection here. Have been waiting for one of their offers to pop up before the end of the year

Viña Tondonia Reserva 2007
Barón de Ley 3 Viñas Blanco Reserva 2017
3 * Bohórquez 2007
Nit de Nin Mas d’en Caçador 2016
Furvus 2017
Envínate Benje Tinto 2019
Louro 2019
Ladredo 2014
La Bruja de Rozas 2018
El Hombre Bala 2016
Arianna Occhipinti SP68 Rosso 2019
Arianna Occhipinti Nero d’Avola Siccagno 2017
Viña Zorzal Malayeto 2018
Honorable de Gómez Cruzado 2016
Pancrudo 2018
Gómez Cruzado Crianza 2017
Gómez Cruzado Reserva 2012
O. Rivière Gabaxo 2018
Ultreia Saint Jacques 2018
Emilio Moro La Revelía 2018
Cos Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico 2016
Cos Maldafrica 2017


I have 89 bottles arriving from Decantalo on Tuesday :scream:, half the order is for 2 friends though … lots of Canary Island wines, Montsant , Mencia, Ardanza, some cava … I hope I’m in :joy::see_no_evil:!


wow that hand really slipped this time didnt it


Yes, i need to slap that hand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’s got a mind of its own !


Only 24 for me - from Gourmet Hunter. Mainly Spanish (non-Rioja) reds, some sherry.

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What Montsant have you gone for?

(I possibly slipped and added to Can Blau to my order to see what the next one up is like).

ok my hand slipped 36 times, I’m done!


What did you order always interested in Rioja / Spanish fans purchases?

Bit of a random selection to be honest, not all Rioja for a change, trying to branch out and try different wines.

The two I’m really looking forward to are Rosé…Tondonia Rosado GR 2010 (always wanted to try and never been lucky enough) and the very Spanish Thymiopoulos Rose :rofl:

Sindicat La Figuera 2018
Gómez Cruzado Vendimia Seleccionada 2018
Viña Arana Gran Reserva 2012
12 Volts 2018
Tentenublo Custero 2018
Vivanco Reserva 2014
Sela 2017
Ultreia Saint Jacques 2018
La Bruja de Rozas 2018
Gabaxo 2018
Viña Tondonia Rosado 2010
Ostatu Crianza 2017
Luis Cañas Selección de la Familia Reserva 2015
Viña Tondonia Reserva 2008
Suertes del Marqués 7 Fuentes 2018
Viña Alberdi 2015
Envínate Albahra 2019
Viña Ardanza 2012
Blau 2019
Thymiopoulos Rosé de Xinomavro 2019
Gómez Cruzado Crianza 2017
Muga El Andén de la Estación 2016
Viña Cubillo 2012
Cune Reserva 2016
Lindes de Remelluri Viñedos de Labastida 2016
Luis Cañas Crianza 2017
Lindes de Remelluri Viñedos de San Vicente 2016


Never mind, one of them was free!

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I’ve got two bottles of the 2017 in the rack - planning to open one over Christmas…


Manzanilla Pasada Maruja
Canopy Malpaso 2016
Navazos Ovni PF 2018
Mengoba Mencía de Espanillo
Zerberos Del Tiemblo “Los Chorrancos”
Cerro Las Cuevas 2017
Peixes Da Rocha 2017
Palacios Remondo Propiedad 2017
Las Gravas 2017
La Bota de Manzanilla 93
Fedellos Do Couto Lomba Dos Ares 2018
Muchada-Léclapart Univers 2017
Juan Gil Silver Label 2018
El Titan del Bendito 2017
Plácet Valtomelloso 2019
Cinque Campi Fuorleggero 2019 (Lambrusco - for a friend)
Galia Villages 2016
Las Gravas 2018
Canopy La Viña Escondida 2016
Pepe Mendoza El Veneno
Pepe Mendoza Giró De Abargues
Colet Navazos Reserva Extra Brut 2016


Hopefully this thread is encouraging the Society to up its Canary Islands game…


Gah! My order didn’t go through and will be £40 more expensive today :frowning:

Offer is still on the website

It’s limited to organic wines today, apparently, and not by as much (at least on Vinissimus, I may have to redo my order on Decantalo!).

Ahhhh sorry Decantalo offer is still live

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