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Decantalo/Vinissimus pre- Christmas ordering

I am planning my largest order I’ve made from Decántalo / vinissimus around then too.

I was almost thinking to start a thread on it but this is the wine society forum :slight_smile: I’m sure we spend enough at TWS and probably will spend even more post certain events to appease the most loyal of TWS supporters.

What are you planning to buy from decantalo / vinissimus in December?


Well I’ve taken Tondonia and Cubillo off the list now as they are heading over to My reserves. Probably a selection of my favourite bodegas, Luis Canas/Ostatu/Gomez Crusado and then a random selection of bottles from bodegas I would’ve visited had I been out there this year or next. Probably spending a lot of money on Rioja rather than going further.

What’s your plan for Decantalo?

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Vinissimus has Italy coverage too which is handy. Although decantalo can be cheaper. Usually you need to check depending on the order.

I will try to research a number of new wines via suggestions such as yours, vivino and the penin guide. I feel I have been reverting to type a little with my Spanish orders. Spain is possibly my favourite wine region too. @suiko would inevitably come up with some good suggestions. I definitely want some variety.

I usually use these websites to buy wine for drinking now as I have limited long term storage at home.

I have historically bought a taster case and then shared it with friends and bought after a tasting… Less viable this year. I also mark down anything I have enjoyed in restaurants here or in Spain… Also less viable this year.

I’ll augment the order with a few staples too. I’ll share my order closer to when I have buying intent. Feel free to chip in anything as you recall. It will be well received


Try Andalucia and Cadiz regions. Lots of interesting wine being made there.


Any examples you’ve had recently? No rush on the reply but a specific recommendation can be easier to research from. It doesn’t have to be your favourite wine just good / interesting. Many thanks though

Cota 45 and Bodegas Luis Pérez make interesting wines. Not always available though.

Just tried and liked a Barbadillo Mirabas which is a wine made from palomino, the sherry grape.

I also use Gourmet Hunters as well as Decantalo and think the former has a better website. Prices much the same.


Does decantalo ship from Spain not UK

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Yes, postage is reasonable if you spend enough. Takes about a week. Very secure packaging.

Did that for you… :smile: :wink:
My Decantalo basket is currently overflowing. Top tip when you reach the £400 mark your postage splits in half.


This isn’t a top tip, this is an enabling comment!!! :rofl:



Love your Gifs! Must find out how to add them here.

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I struggle with the embedded forum function, but if you:
Go to giphy.com
Search around and choose one you like, click on it then copy link

I normally use the long link, copy it with CTRL + C
Paste the link into your post and there you have it.


Seems appropriate too :sweat_smile:


Excellent! Thanks @Brocklehurstj, that’s just what I needed and will give it a go.

Can we have a separate thread on GIFs please?

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Just received an email promoting LRA on offer for those interested…


Hmmm is today the day for that Brexit order or not :thinking:

Some decent stuff available e.g.

If anyone does go for it. Let me know what your planning as I could do with some inspiration.


In my basket at the moment I have so far:

3x Bruja de Rozas 2018
3x Furvus 2017
3x Envínate Benje Tinto 2019
1x Nit de Nin Mas d’en Caçador 2016
1x Dominio del Águila Reserva 2016

I had a Rioja and Tenerife order a few weeks ago which was usual suspects (LRA and Tondonia/related wines in red and white, plus some Abel Mendoza whites and Red and White Artiface and White Benje). I am not sure where else I am going with this order - possibly Galicia and Andalucia.

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Have had that Nit de Nin a few times at Asador 44 in Cardiff, when they stocked it. I absolutely loved it. One of the wines of the year level. Thanks for the tips on the others.

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