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Debating French Classics cellar plan, Advice?


Dear all,

I was just wondering if anyone here would be willing to say the wines they were last allocated in the French Classics plan?

if you are unhappy with the wines you get allocated is there anything that you can do about it?



Hiya George!

I’ll let other members get back to you about their own VCP plans, but I just wanted to answer your second question. :slight_smile:

If you’re unhappy with the wines in your allocation you can cancel the order just like any other order placed at The Society. We don’t generally offer an alternative allocation but instead we leave a credit on your share so you can spend it on wines of your own choosing (and we’d be happy to get our wine advice team to guide you if you’d like some help). Alternatively we can offer you a refund. :smiley:

Hope this helps.


I recently set up 2 French VCP’s. One classic plan and one claret. These were the 4 wines I received to date. I have not yet opened any of them.


I have tried Pierre Gaillards clos du cuminalle St Jo which is divine.

Have you always been happy with the allocations?

Which wines were part of which plan and do you mind me asking which classic plan you do?

Thank you


This was my first allocation. I also have the world classic VCP.

Next allocation is due in September.

The Ch La Croix St Georges Pomerol and Ch Haut Batailley Pauillac were from the Claret plan B and Saint Joseph Les Pierres Pierre Gaillard and Ch Batailley from the Classic plan A.


Im finding it incredibly hard which plan to chose, i would normally go for French classic B. However i looked at the example wines and i am really not a fan of Louis Jadot wines and i see that a lot of the burgundy wines on the example cellar were in fact Louis jadot.

Would be interesting to hear what other people received!


Classic A and B are the same, You just pay twice as much for B and get twice as many bottles. You’ll see from my first allocation that neither of the wines were Jadot if that helps.

I’m sure @laura can give more details of how the wines are chosen but I suspect the examples are just an indication of the types and values and the list of possible wines is much more extensive.


Very true! It would be interesting to find out how the WS actually allocate what to different members?

All 4 of your wines allocated are great. I would especially be happy with the pomerol.

May only fear is that after waiting the 6 months to then be disappointed with the wines ?


Very True, but i imagine that the wines at the level that are in the French Classics A and B are not obviously going to be their top wines.

Have you ever been part of the French Classics VCP?


I don’t have an issue with them. I have a case of Jadot Pouilly Fuisse that I bought from Tesco when they had a promotion and they cost me about £13.50 a bottle. For that price they are fantastic value.

I suspect the problem with Jadot is that as they are so big and have such a huge portfolio of wine across all price ranges the wines just feel a bit ubiquitous.


Exactly, and id rather personally be allocated wine by producers that perhaps you dont see every day etc.

I think i may do what you did, French classics A and Claret B. or just French Classics B.

Hopefully more people will post on here with their allocations



You don’t seem to be very happy with your current allocations.
You obviously know what you would like to receive,
And you have knowledge, which is important.
Please forgive me for suggesting that you might be better off withdrawing from “The Cellar Plan” and do what many of us do and be your own “Master of your personal Universe!”
In my “sprog years,” I was extremely fortunate to be guided by several experts, one an expert on Rhone wines and another who became a MW and specialised in Bordeaux and Burgundy. I also read and tasted voraciously. You cannot buy that level of vinous education!
These days I am more than happy to take full responsibility for what lies in my Reserves and En Primeur listing.
The huge upside with the WS is that if you are not happy with any of your purchases then you have access to their no quibble refund.


I haven’t actually started the cellar plan yet. I just like the sound of it as I enjoy the idea of it being a surprise and like you said, if I am not happy then I can always be refunded and spend the money on what I like.

I recently just got back from Bordeaux where I went round numerous chateaux which was fantastic, I do know what I like yes but I also haven’t tried a lot of wines so for me the excitement of not knowing what I will be allocated is something that I find appealing.


You’ve hit the nail on the head here - that list is just an example. :slight_smile: As it happens, I write the VCP wine notes and have done for a couple of years now, so I get to see all the lovely wines allocated to subscribers, and I can happily say the selections are very varied! :smiley:

So if you like the surprise @georgeparkinson21, I do think you’ll be pleased. But, as you say, you do always have the option of cancelling any allocation you’re not happy with so you won’t be stuck with wine you don’t like.

Here’s hoping some more VCP subscribers will see this topic and share some more allocations with you! In the mean time, there are a couple of other VCP topics where people have shared their allocations here, if that helps:


I think they’re a good thing - It takes cherry-picking out of the equation - The only reason i don’t do it is because I have the patience of a child on blue smarties and want something for drinking now! :joy:

I haven’t tried anything of my allocation from last year yet (California Zinfandel and Spanish Grenache) but will probably crack the first open next Christmas.

If you are as impatient as me then i’d go for the premium wine without fuss (of which you can do French wines) - Just a shame you can’t get 12 x 1 type you get 6 x 2 of each. Otherwise i’d still be doing it. Instead I just do a standard mixed order now as I prioritise variety and exposure to different bottles over the few quid you save.

@laura i’d be interested to understand why mixed cases often have 2 bottles of 6 wines rather than 1 bottle each of 12 - Orrrrrr if you could have a value option at a slightly cheaper rate of 2 of each and pay a few quid more for the variety of 12?