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Death rumours exaggerated


Today got an email: my TWS account suspended because Royal Mail had told TWS that ‘I was gone’ from my home address.

Possibly because I throw away unopened all ugly brown envelopes that start with ‘pay 70 quid now or we impose one grad fine for the tv’ & ‘yes we will be visiting your unlicensed tv on Monday & you’ll get nicked’. Don’t know how to explain to the lovely corporation that the last time I owned a tv set was probably in 2089, it was black & white & had a fault so that it would only receive ‘the commercial channel’ for which bbc fees don’t apply. I never watched much of it as it was mostly about a guy taking wash & go shampoo into his shower & somebody eating a lot of kellogs & crunchy nuts & the chap in bath saying he can’t think of anything to say other than swinton insurance.

Pretty much since then I have been gratefully watching the assorted bcc excerpts on youtube & the odd full budget feature movie on itunes in standard definition, which is basically free.

Sad people, really.

Well for the record I still live at my home & I even got the burgundy EP letter today, which I am reading now (this would be a matter for a separate ‘topic’). If I was ‘gone’, how could I be reading it now?

But I would be very disappointed if all my reserves were confiscated because ‘I am gone’, as I have the whole full case of La Lagune 2010 in reserves - & yes, I made the mistake of telling a few good people how great it tasted so by the time I was about to reserve another case it was already sold out. Andrew, I hope it was you who bought it all.

Enable me back, to cut the long story short, I need to reserve more Hortevie before they drink it all!


My goodness @Alexandra you have no flipping luck !! I think your postie is after your EP orders … & all other orders for that matter !! :rofl:… thanks for the entertainment, you never fail :+1: