Daily marketing emails

Am I the only one to receive at least one marketing emails every day, and sometimes twice a day?

To the TWS team: I like reading your news and offers by time to time, but I want more control on what you send. Give me an option to choose frequency of emails: daily, twice-weekly, weekly, monthly. Only then, I will re-subscribe to your comms.

A loyal - but overwhelmed - drinker of yours.


This is a member to member forum , please contact member services to opt out of marketing emails . They can be found at : memberservices@thewinesociety.com

Hope you get it resolved :+1:.

I have already done that, but I saw TWS staff watching/replying on these forums in the past, so why not give it a try.

Also, I know the change I am suggesting - specifying frequency of emails - may require some work in the platform. Who knows, if other members are feeling the same pain, TWS may decide to prioritse such work.

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I’ve just opened my email inbox and there’s yet another from TWS. This time I deleted it without opening it.

There’s a fine old saying “Less is more” that came to mind.


The tone of the emails is getting more like Majestic and others: “As someone who has previously bought xx, why not try this…?”

Yes, it’s gone up to about two a day which is getting tedious and I think counterproductive.

Seems that the choice is a bit binary though, you either get all or none…?


Hopefully they will opt you out then .
And yes, there are TWS admins who frequent the forum and sometimes buyers but they don’t work in member services who deal with this sort of issue . Until you have it resolved, maybe you could direct them into a folder as to not clog up your email feed ?

No. This is a general problem and seems exactly the type of thing that should be aired here to see if there is general concern about it. As it has come up before, and several of us have commented on it, it does seem to be general.

The first discussion I can remember on this forum was about how to get just the communications one wants, not all or nothing. This has been promised ‘after the website update’ more times than I can count.

An email every day verges on spamming.

The series (yet another one this morning) on ‘what our buyers drink at home’ which is just an ad for the Exhibition series is particularly silly. I assume, like most of us, the buyers want a change when they get home, so ‘what they drink at home’ is not what they would recommend to us.

And we seem to be pretty well changed to a full 7-day emailing week. No day, or days, of rest from the email marketing onslaught. Our task is simply to buy always more and more wine so a topic like “how much wine is enough” is clearly highly subversive!

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It doesn’t matter whether it’s a general problem or not and everyone is free to air their grievances, my point however remains the same , member services is the place to raise this for “action”.

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Not at all. Those disatisfied are motivated to comment or complain here. The vast majority, for whom this isnt an issue, dont.


I really don’t think we we can draw any conclusions about the “silent majority”.

But if we want speculation, my guess is that most members don’t like it, but couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it. Some doubtless just redirect everything into a separate email folder, perhaps the one with the trash can icon.


Hi @Alchemist and @Leah,

Thank you for your replies. Do you suggest we move this thread to another section of the forum, or that we do not talk about this at all? Happy with the former, just let me know what’s the right section; but I wouldn’t agree with the latter as I don’t think it’s a problem for members to discuss, with other members, about ways to improve the user experience of TWS services.


Yes, I was just thinking something similar. It’s hard to know how the views expressed by the tiny percentage of active members in the Community reflect the views of the membership at large. However it certainly seems to me that the majority view that is expressed about the growing email marketing volume/frequency is pretty negative. Nor do I recall, though I could be wrong, anyone expressing pleasure or enthusiasm about it. So I’d be inclined to think it’s not a very popular development.

I’m pretty sure that “counter-productive” has been used a number of times.


I have posted elsewhere on this site that I receive too many marketing emails from TWS, most which go straight in the bin. If TWS gave us the option of choosing which types we would like to receive that would be a good move. Majestic is another over-sender and they too go in the bin.

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As per my comment ;

I merely suggested to have it resolved to contact member services .

I agree this would be a good move too :+1:.

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That was exactly my point. The silent majority are exactly that, silent. I was just responding to the claim that it was a general problem when I’m not sure it is.

Yes, some flexibility in what marketing I see could be good, but of all the countless emails i get every day the TWS ones are definitely not a problem for me.

This is an issue that members should discuss, and here seems a good place to do it.

Perhaps I’m in the vocal minority rather than the silent majority, but I’m happy to see the emails.

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I can’t say that it really bothers me one way or the other, but as far as I’m concerned the upshot is I simply don’t read them. It seems like it should be relatively easy to track, and there are plenty of outfits that send what I consider an absurd volume of email, so presumably they are getting more click throughs with the higher volume.


Doesn’t bother me in the slightest, they all go to a particular folder in my e-mail, I then choose how often I read them.


This is perhaps a trait of personality (or maybe age, I don’t know), but I ignore dozens of emails a day, I find nothing sent by that medium to have any immediate, pressing need of my attention, so a couple more causes me no more trouble.

Admittedly, TWS should have a policy allowing people to unsubscribe, but beyond that, I just open and read the ones that hold my interest, so in that respect, I’m happy for them to continue and then skim-read until I see something that takes my fancy.