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Cypriot Wines



My wife and I have recently returned from holiday in Cyprus. We visited several top class wineries and vineyards. Many were small family run or cooperative businesses. The quality and value of wines was astounding… Both in terms of local/indigenous grapes such as Xinisteri and Maratheftiko (the king of Cypriot wine varieties) and global favourites like Shiraz & Chardonnay. Kolios Winery and Fikardos Winery were two standouts, but the overall breadth and depth of Cypriot wines was very impressive indeed. What plans do the Society have to investigate, explore and discover new countries wine offerings to continue a more global consumer wine experience and customer journey. Thanks, Paul from Edinburgh

Experiences of Cypriot wines

This might be of interest to @rblakeley, who started a thread on wines from Cyprus, looking for some recommendations! :+1:


I also did a fair bit of tasting when I was there a couple of years ago, visiting the very good Ezousa in the south-west of the island. I liked Xinisteri a lot, especially the high altitude ones. Wasn’t 100% convinced by Maratheftiko - never found one that didn’t seem a touch incomplete on the mid-palate. A great grape for blends, though - Ezousa make a lovely one with Syrah and Mourvedre (the latter seems to be getting a following in Cyprus, which is good to see).


Thanks @Inbar! Great to see engagement on this topic. I’m admittedly a lot more educated on wine now than I was on my earlier visit to Cyprus and I’ve come away very impressed with what the island has to offer!