Cypriot dessert wine

Our friends are going to open a dessert wine tomorrow and we don’t know that much about it. They’ve tried it, loved it and are keen to share. We’re just interested if anyone knows anything about it and what food it might match?

Should have packed my wine atlas… :wink:

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Cypriot PDO wine.Usually made from white Xynisteri grapes. Should be about 15% after forTification.
Often uses dried grapes as the base for production.

No suggestion for food but think it would need something quite rich…think fruit cake.

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Rarely tasted Commandaria … but it was always spoken about with great reverence!

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I believe the commandaria actually unfortified!

Edit: that should say this commandaria

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A few years ago one of my other half’s Cypriot students gave him a St John’s Commadaria as a thank you gift. It was this one:

Apparently ‘the original Commandaria’ according to the student. I love dessert wines, but found it very cloying - like a PX on steroids. Still, might be more palatable with a dessert…?
Your friend’s example might be a touch more refined :grinning:

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Thanks all, really not sure what to expect with this but looking forward to trying and reporting back later!

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Wine with a long and famous history

Unfortunately some trade on the name with a wine that doesn’t deserve it. We had some of the latter in Cyprus earlier this year.

The best though are unctuous and delicious. If you like sweeties :slight_smile:

I can report it is a lovely dessert wine. Went ok with chocolate fondant, slightly better with apple tart. Touch of sultana and burnt caramel, perhaps a hint of orange peel. Nicely acidic and not cloying at all

A bit different from most dessert wines I’ve tried and very glad we did try it